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Archive for December 4, 2022


Lazy. Life is passing too quickly. Whatever.

Colleen has urged me to write down the stories of my career as a neurosurgeon. My stories fascinate her. It is too horrible to recount on paper. We were wild residents trained without supervision on so many occasions. Criminal. We cut our teeth on CAT scan and later MRI. Enough.

I blog. I have done so since 2011. Amy suggested. No one follows but you and Colleen. Family? Nah! They lost this site many a year ago. Good! Travel! Good times. Family, kids. Love, loss. Love, found. Photography when I could and can…. Life dealt lemons and I made lemonade. No regrets. But I sure woulda done things different. Meanwhile there is eleven years and counting of photos posted. They will last onward. Positivity! It’s good!

Lately, Noa has asked several times…. “What dangerous things did you do as a child, grandpa?”