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Archive for December 11, 2022

Everything old…

…is new again. In the 1950’s it was frontal lobotomy done with a knitting needle up your nose. In the 2000’s we discovered we could electrically stimulate areas of the brain and get rid of depression. It was strictly regulated by psychiatrists. Few operations are done with this technique. And now, we are back to the age old question: “Who’s crazy? And, who’s to say?” It has always been far easier to answer whether you have a brain tumor or not since CT scan was invented in the mid 1970’s. Ah! Life was a lot more simple back then.

Friends and family

No matter. We drift apart. I got family I have not spoken with in decades. Friends? It is so much easier to get lost and never be in touch again. Think about it? Do you? Do I? I have my regrets. There is too much guilt that wells up. But I do have one big do over if ever there was one. Family is forever. You are bonded whether or not you see them. Friends? I think so too. It’s harder to make family than friends. It’s hard to hold on.