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Archive for January 3, 2023

Mucho badness

Colleen has always been fascinated with my work. She never got to observe an operation before I retired. It’s not easy finding surgical pictures. We were usually to involved in the operation and it was done before I looked up and remembered to take any pictures along the way. Sometimes…. I did not look up the history of this patient. No names please. She had a very bad tumor invading her spinal vertebrae. No doubt she is likely a victim of her disease by now. Meanwhile, we took out the tumor and rebuilt her spine. Why is one rod crooked? It was the thing to do at the time and in the moment. It was a feat of skill and engineering to rebuild her spinal anatomy after her tumor had nearly destroyed her architecture. Yes, there were days we did near miraculous work. We toiled in quiet silence without much thanks. It was a day’s work.