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What is news

You could tell me anything. I wasn’t there. I would have to believe what you tell me… unless I saw it in person. January 6th 2020 was televised live and in person. We watched the storming of the Capitol. We saw the destruction and the rioting. We saw congress men and women run for their lives. I am afraid that an effort to edit the video does not persuade me that it was simply a peaceful gathering turned into a left wing lie.

Tucker Carlson – you are a lying sack of shit. Then again, some senators deny it as well. Sure, they did not run for their lives. The destruction and threat never happened. Not a single senator was injured or died. See?!

Lies. Truth. News. I am truly outraged that Fox would lie into my face. Worse yet is that there are those Republican lawmakers who embrace and believe those same lies. It is indeed bewildering when the truth of what I saw is denied as lawmakers embrace an alternative script which is clearly a lie. Nothing they say can make me un-see what I saw that day. It’s good to be a Democrat. I can believe what I saw.

It gets better. Hold on to your hat! Covid never happened. No one died. I never saw a dead person…

Confusion reigns! What’s it mean??? How about it is as clear as: I do not not love you. ???

January 6th. Every day happens (happened) – unless it didn’t occur. Why bother with truth? Science fiction.

No harm

…no harm in making these shots.

Mozart is a tuxedo kitty. Colleen says. I get it. Black suit, white shirts, and tie! Neat!

Perhaps you want more story? After all this blog is about the story behind the picture(s). It was purely by chance that we found Mo in the pet store. He had failed to be adopted for a while. One never knows why? And, we certainly did not know what we were in for when Mo came home. I have mixed feelings. Mo is still fitting in among seven other cats, who, so far are not welcoming him into the mix. Alas! We now have eight cats. Eight is our number. In this case it feels like we got eight the “hard way.”