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Archive for March 21, 2023

Who do you believe?

It recalls to me “eating your young.” Hey hey! The truth will set you free. It’s sure fun to watch the infighting and the finger pointing start up. When you tell a lie… and then another…”lying sack of shit” comes to mind. And, Fox filed a law suit right back to keep her from filing law suits. Tucker, you suck. Really. And you don’t look so good any more. But, Fox loves you dearly… all the way to the bank.

Snow Day

The weatherman and the New York Times have been on for days…. It’s gonna snow!! Big! All over the United States, coast to coast, a deluge. A storm for the ages! Eh!? When was the weatherman right? Ever? Last? … not this time either. Here is our snowy day. Early spring is in the air everywhere I look. No snowflake? There is an insult in this somewhere I fear. But, alas, no snow.

Just like a broken watch is right twice a day, it did snow!