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Archive for March 25, 2023

Thank you

I’ve been meaning to thank my audience for a while now. I do it in my “About.” And, a single shot. Hmmm? … too many pictures, so little time.

Meanwhile, I started this blog a long long time ago. It continues onward. Much has changed in my life and in the world since I began. There are many followers and other casual viewers. I am happy to share my goofy humor and the pictures I take. Colleen likes the writing and the pictures. I write to fill in the back story behind the pictures. Sort of.

I take a lot of pictures. Photography has been my avocation. I think it must come from the internal need to share and preserve my life experience. The kids (my kids?) will eventually appreciate all the pictures? The grands (children?)? Who knows? It does not take too long to compose.

Most of my family (curiously) are not aware of this blog. I make no effort to promote myself. Jules’ early comment was too many posts. I was posting multiple times a day. Ok ok! One post a day of multiple pictures…

Minimalist, we are not, as you can readily ascertain from the cluttered background. It’s my life. Everything fits in. No worries – over neatness – I got plenty of worry, but at least this is not one of them. We live life fully! This is one occasion you see our table cleared for cat pictures. I do not expect to see an empty surface again til Christmas.

For those of you who read my posts, thank you once again.