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Black and white – men and women – come to think of it, I don’t see to much hand holding but I do see it commonly among men. And I do not see women holding much either. Intentional? To answer a different question, these folks walked across my sunset photo. Right!


I was curious to watch this little one set up her dad’s phone to take the shot. She’s pretty darned talented for her age if you ask me. iPhone shots have surpassed Nikon cameras to jump to number two on Flickr. Canon is still number one.


Ladies Who Sell You Stuff


There is a thriving market for souvenirs. At least it is tempting to sell toys at the Corniche. Soccer balls and other baubles are for sale from these women who circulate the area. The strike me so differently than the vendors I am used to seeing in Central Park.




Another characteristic of street photography is that there are no rules. So shoot and to hell with the horizon being straight. In fact things look edgy when they are all crooked. It makes life seem more real. What is the blue liquid? Who knows? It’s all in a day on the Corniche.

Want horizontal, I can do that too.




Sometimes a simple detail strikes you. I wish I could say this was intentional. Maybe? Street photography is tricky. You keep your camera in ready mode and just shoot from the hip. Farid swears I will be shot someday. Maybe? But meanwhile the technique works pretty well. And I am not shot but have shot lots. Traditional dress, wedding ring, smart phone, evening light, hands – somehow it all works. And I can claim that I planned this image too. Maybe?



This is said to be a palace and has been under construction for the past three years since I have been here. The larger building is said to be an exclusive guest hotel. How exclusive? Well one of the engineers, my patient, says that you nor I can ever see the inside. Meanwhile it borders the Corniche so people walk by and play within its shadow and evening light.

Close Up


At the Corniche there are sculptures which I see and am unaware of their significance. Then I am reminded that magazines and newspapers show a single image to go along with the story. So here is my close up out of context to the whole sculpture and showing a neat graphic and color. For fun, sometimes you just take a shot for the sheer fun of it.

Ok, ok the full magilla.


Spotted Eel

IMG_5347 a

I had a pretty special dive a while back. Most dives you have a moment. It is the opportunity in the dive when you have a subject that is perfect. The lighting is good. The fish is lined up correctly. You actually see the subject. Most of the time you catch a glimpse but cannot get close or you see nothing at all. This was my second dive of the day. I had no expectation. The first dive was a bust and I was resigned that today would be a wash. Some days you just don’t see a fish worth a photo. And then… in the space of less than an hour, there was fish after fish after fish. Different types and all worth a picture, I was in aquarium heaven.


The spotted eel is pretty rare. I have seen a glimpse once and then a view. But this time we had one in open water and it was keeping in sight for me to photograph and even get a short movie. I chased it. It slithered and tried to hide. My die buddy stuck around. He ran out of air afterward… I got the shots. It is a weird looking creature with a mouth no one would want to kiss. And there are gills behind the ears. Do fish have ears?




I have had a group of friends who have met up for more than a quarter century. That is a long time. We had very disparate view on many things. Political discussion was forbidden in the name of friendship. But some things are unfathomable. For instance, I had no idea Alex bowled. He brought his own ball to one of our gatherings. The things you learn. Hmmm…


And then there was the walk to the breakwater lighthouse in Rockland. We did that walk more than once – just for the fun of it. It was fun I think.




_DSC1158This is the modern area newly renovated for the public along the sea. There are few public spaces. Mostly the sea real estate has private estates. Sculpture and art are there. Across the way is a former king’s palace replete with a staff of a thousand or so and no one to serve. I like the splash of color among the black. It’s a pleasant walk.


A Challenge


Small and skittish fish are hard to photograph. Breathing underwater is surprisingly loud noisy. I learned this listening to the sound track of the movies from my camera. And I am a big thing in a black dive suit. Indeed this must be intimidating to a small fish. The spot on the dorsal fin is to distract and mislead the eye into thinking the fish is headed in a different direction or larger than it is. Sometimes you sneak up and get the shot. Or else we would not be looking at this image. It helps to not blow bubbles as you sneak.


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