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Wooly Bear


At least this is what I call them. And it’s what I taught my kids to call them. Do you recall Proust’s La Madeleine? No matter. The appearance of a wooly bear recalls to me the childhood of my children and that magic moment when they first saw a wooly bear themselves. I was the one to point it out. And so, I passed down knowledge. Ah, they can’t take that away from me.

1566 10 Julia David wooly bear


Who’s cute? My cats. Cat proud? I guess. Different? Would that be pose or cat? Obtuse? Sometimes.


Ok! Enough? Well, one more time. Security barriers. It was just after security was lifted. So the barrier was being dismantled. And, here we are having fun with a British/Scottish tradition – the distinctive red telephone booth. Yeah, we were goofing around.

Fight on

_DSC2089a copy

Look what I can do. Ha! It’s pretty simple – for me. I do have some skill beyond iPhone. Meanwhile, we were still exploring the abbey. Meanwhile, have you thought of why the castle stairs wind upwards in a clockwise direction? See the right arm? Fighting downhill you are holding a sword in your right hand. And an invader is holding it in his left hand fighting upward. Advantage to the defender. Good!!

Rainy daze

What to do on a cold rainy day in Scotland? Well, it was peekaboo rain, one minute wet, the next rainy, but, all the time cold. How cold? Don’t sit on the cold rock, cold. Goofing around we shot and I edited. There was time to kill. The ferry was not due back for a while. So, we had ample time to explore. Meanwhile, we had to hide out from the rain. Cameras and rain are not buddies.


DSC06541a copy

That was the question. “Why?” Ian asked.  Hmmmm. Dunno?! It seemed a good idea at the time. And, no worse than yesterday, it seems a non sequitur of proportionate sense. The easy way out is, “Why not?” right back at you. Or is it, “Art is.” and that would be the end of that?


_DSC4940a copy

I first met Colleen in third grade. Have I told you this story? Of course! And, not unusually, we have found ourselves in old classrooms from time to time. Colleen adores history and we explore old schoolhouses. Ok, this one happens to be in Scotland. We made the most of the experience and recreated the original photo of our past youth. Gee, I wish she hadn’t disappeared for so long in between…. It’s fun to live life and enjoy one’s memories.



Colleen is a good sport. I get her to do goofy things. I am not immune. You might say we maintain a healthy level of good humor. Or, alternatively, we are just nuts.

If you’ve seen one…

_DSC5510a copy

If you’ve seen one castle…. They do tend to run into one another, as in, they tend to look similar. There are ruins. Or, there are antiques. The clans of Scotland built castles/mansions. In time, many were donated to the National Trust. It was about lack of funds to maintain the sights. Others are still owned and maintained by the original clan. A Campbell married a Cadbury and the resulting fortune has been beneficial to maintain the amount of gold in the castle. There are a lot of castles. Don’t get me wrong. We don’t have many in the USA.

Happy Thanksgiving

Pardon me? These wild guys were wandering through the backyard and probably are not adorning anyone’s table today. By chance the other photo – I have been called a “turkey” – slipped into the post serendipitously. It’s appropriate too. To all the scattered family this year, I wish you all a “Happy.”