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Long Island

Westhampton Beach

1809 07 Kids Westhampton beach copy

As I have mentioned, Julia was born on August 1. The poor kid was deprived of having a school year birthday party. So she had a party before the school year ended, a party for the immediate family, a party with the extended family, and often a party of her friends during the summer vacation… all so she wouldn’t feel left out… It was Julia’s birthday and we had arranged for a party in the Hamptons where we had rented Margaret’s place that summer.. Her friends and her brother just fell into place for me to get this shot. No posing. I was just there. Sorry, I don’t know who was far left but second in… Julia, Alexandra, Ben, David, Chessie… endless summer day without a care.


2364 09 Josh David

Boogie boards and big smiles go together. David and his buddy Josh remain close friends to this day. It’s nice to look back and see the origins of this fast friendship. All in all I have to say that they had a great childhood. It’s everything that you want for your kids as a Dad.


2364 26 Lisa Julia

My wife is camera shy so I don’t include her too much in this blog. But she really did like hugging the kids for as long as they let her. Once in a while I got a shot that should not be a problem here. Just because there aren’t too many shots doesn’t mean there wasn’t a whole lot of hugging going on.

Life Vests

2365 06 Julia Steven Chris pool

I looked at these shots and wondered at how casual we were at the time. Put them in a life jacket and off you go into the pool. I guess it helped that the kids and my brothers were all swimmers. No one ever fell in and obviously no one drowned. But it seems that it was a dumb Dad thing to stack rafts three high and throw a kid in a life vest on top.2365 09 Julia Steven Chris

The Only Girl

2366 03 Julia David Andrew Stven Chris

As it turned out my two brothers had sons which left my daughter as the only girl on my family’s side. She never seemed to mind. But then she was the oldest of the cousins on this side. On the other side, she was the youngest of the three girl cousins. Well there were more cousins but I’m just counting the immediate ones that we saw about twice a year. I’m still trying to get a few once removed.

Scales and Tales

2374 02 Julia David

Out on Long Island, the weekend ritual would be to go to Scales and Tails. It was a small country market. The owner’s wife baked fresh croissants every morning. Warm from the oven, it was my mission to return with one each for my kids. The kids grew up and eventually Scales and Tails closed for lack of business. But it sure was a daily ritual when the kids were little. It almost felt like feeding the little birds.

This Dog Can Jump

2378 30 David Nellie

I didn’t realize how dogs age. When Nellie was a puppy she could leap small buildings…. Her hair was short. As she got older her hair got way long and one day she couldn’t leap onto our bed anymore. It all happens so gradually. I always chased my kids and pretended I couldn’t catch them until one day I couldn’t. I don’t think that they realized this for a long time. Last winter we skied and I couldn’t go down the mogul trail with them. You get a little wisdom with age. Not much but a little.2379 26 Julia Nellie beach


2385 20 David Nellie hug

Yes, Nellie liked to chew. So she ate a lot of chew toys. Thankfully she never ate the kids stuffed animals. Reggie, our first dog, had a thing for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (stuffed animal). But that’s a different story. Some folks obsess over where to keep their camera and it’s always in its case so dust won’t get on it. I leave mine out and handy. So when you see this shot you get it before it’s gone. Sometimes you can’t believe how goofy your family can be.


2386 08 David Julia Victor Nellie

I always insist on taking at least two shots of any group… more if they will tolerate me. It’s because someone always blinks…  A blink is measured in thousandths of a second. So how is it that my wife got us all blinking simultaneously? It’s a skill. She won’t stay still to take more than a couple shots. So that’s what you get.2386 09 David Julia Victor Nellie

Cornfield Maze

2386 22 JuliaIn the fall we would go pumpkin picking. You get the right one because carving was another project for Halloween. And out on Long Island there was usually a corn maze set up to try to go through. Along the way you got ears of corn and threw the kernels at one another when you could find them. Yeah, that was a fond memory also.2386 17 David corn field


2392 18 David Julia

Another thought on raking leaves as an activity is presented here. Those high piles were great to hide in or to jump upon. We got kind of elaborate. The kids started by simply winding up and running into the pile. Then they jumped from the fence. Naturally the big ladder was a grand idea. And finally they began jumping from the tree. Yeah, it was a crazy family activity. Nellie, our dog could attest to the crazy things humans sometimes do.2390 37 Julia David Lisa

Yeah, that's mom. You never would've believed it.

Yeah, that’s mom. You never would’ve believed it.

Fall Leaves

2392 29 Julia David Nellie leaves

We had another family activity – raking leaves. The kids were little and they borrowed rakes while we stayed at an inn in the Berkshires. When we had leaves to rake in the autumn on Long Island, the kids would wait till the time was right. Large piles would be made. Once they made a hideout.2392 25 Julia David leaves

2390 25 Julia David hideoutHey! It was all fun. Eventually we had to haul away all the leaves. But for a few days a year it was great fun.

Hug Your Daughter

2394 29 Julia Victor hug

Yes, even daughters grow up and they don’t lie there and hug you any more. Well, a little, but mostly it’s just a moment. Thankfully with the internet and cellphones it’s not too hard to stay in touch, but we don’t. Still, it’s better than waiting for a letter. I can only say that I hugged my kids a lot.

Who’s the Silly One

2394 33 Julia Nellie faceSo I happened to have my camera out. Or I would never have gotten this shot. Ha ha! It made me smile instantly. When you think that Nellie is clueless as to what Julia is making a face about, I wonder who’s the intelligent one. As far as Nellie is concerned, if I put up with this unusual human behavior, is there any food in it for me?

Endless Summer


This is the Atlantic Ocean. It’s bracing. One might even say it’s cold. I swim in the Red Sea at the moment. The temperatures have been 86 degrees. I prefer my location. But in this slide, we’re near the end of the day with no end in sight for fun and water. It’s another location where they warn you not to take your camera. The sand and salt spray will hurt your equipment. And then you won’t have a picture either. Just be careful, but do it.



Kids think up some crazy things. I looked up to see that they had taken sleeping bags and pillows to engage in a sumo match. It was a pretty funny sight. What can you say to children at play with imagination? It would take more than a paragraph to describe what a single slide can show you.

Swan and row boat


They say that you should use the warm glow of dawn and evening sunset to do your photography. During the high noon direct sun hours, it’s not really good to shoot. Unfortunately that’s when I’m up and about. So I say again, I’m a sucker for bright sun and bright blue water. We chanced upon this scene bike riding. It’s why I like biking. You’re seeing scenery change faster than walking. You get a little exercise. I do especially because my wife doesn’t stop so I have to pedal fast to catch up. She didn’t wait but I got the shot anyway.

Beach Ladies


I think that the display is a whole lot better than buying only one lady. It’s a Long Island tableau. The bright sun brings me right back to a hot summer day. Who knows where or when? Does it matter? I like the graphic and the color. I don’t think that I would necessarily want one at home.

Skinny Dip


Well the kids were in camp and we had just returned from a long bike ride. We were hot and the thing to do was jump into the pool. So here’s the abstract photo to commemorate the moment. Digital could do so much better. But then again the mood of this shot was perfect. And if it were any better I wouldn’t be posting it. This one is about the memory. I often wonder about the things we forget and would never recall without some aid to jog us. Yes, it is a weird picture that is hard to interpret, but it was all done in camera without any fancy aids.



This was an activity conceived and executed by my wife. She passed this place to rent kayaks and off we went somewhere out east on Long Island. We’re there in the kayaks paddling along enjoying the exercise. I don’t remember which kid fell out first. But I was certainly surprised that the water was so shallow. Really, you can’t see the bottom, so I assumed it would be deep. Otherwise why did we need the kayaks? And why did the kids not stay inside them?

I’m not a bit shy with my expensive Nikon in the kayak. I just wonder why the big deal to carry life vests in this wading water.

Orient Point


We are at the eastern most point on the north fork of Long Island. It’s the terminus for the ferry. This ferry has had a significant part in our lives. It connects Long Island to New London, Connecticut. It is the way to summer camp, friends, skiing, Maine and so many events. It’s not a regular trip but we’ve made it often enough for the scene to be familiar. Like everything else, I take a picture of the lighthouse on each trip. Sometimes you like the shot better than others.

Julia Drive


I didn’t really realize it at that moment. It was Julia’s first time practicing in the car. Some things come and go so quickly and without fanfare. Before you know it, it was the first or last something. I’m glad I have this shot. I can’t say that I have a similar shot for David. Maybe it will show up sometime. They make fun of me for photographing everything. But I’m glad that they let me.

And the Ladies

Well, that’s how we refer to them. Summer in the Hamptons, it’s a beautiful day at the beach full of friendship. Product placement? Who knew what the future would/will bring. We’ve been friends twenty five plus years. I’m now hanging with a bunch of old people. Yes, but this was one of life’s glorious days when this picture was snapped. Funny, how it’s seldom raining in the pictures we keep in our memories.


This motley group has known each other and remained friends for a quarter century now. I know that there are buddies for much longer. But it’s a record for me. I had that itinerant childhood, remember. And friends come and go, some important and others seen intermittently as the years pass. This group has been geographically dispersed but determined to gather periodically. Things change and recently Bob has dropped from the list. It happens when couples split. One side gets the favorite restaurant, another the friends. It’s a natural selection, not a legal decision. Too bad.