Word and Image


Comparatively speaking


Here’s the Queen Mary 2 docked in port in Rockland, Maine. It’s a bit overwhelming for the poor little lighthouse beside it. I’ve been there. it’s at the end of a very long rock dock. It’s a long walk – a mile. The light house is several stories tall. Or… that’s one big f’n ship! I saw signs in town welcoming passengers into the shops. You get a few hours in town to souvenir shop and to see what there is to see. No one eats. Food is plentiful and free onboard. I did not know this until I took my one and only cruise. So, restaurants are SOL Maybe someone will sit down to a lobster dinner or a famous lobster roll? Who knows? Meanwhile that big boat is messing with my picture of the lighthouse.

Blue Wall

Well I suppose it’s turquoise really. Rockland, Maine, the Lobster Festival parade day. I was walking with my friend Bob to the Coast Guard store before the parade. I think he wanted to buy socks. Go figure. There was this wall with milkweed [it’s what I call it] asking me to photograph it. I don’t think I paused but for a mere instant. Sometimes you take a shot and know it’s a good one even as it transfers to the memory card. I didn’t take another shot or experiment. We were on a mission to the store. My daughter loved this enough to have it framed.

Sailboat, Rockland

Rockland, Maine. There is a long jetty that protrudes into the harbor. At the end is a lighthouse. We were visiting some very close friends and had made the long walk over the rock jetty. There was a sailboat exhibition. So, many of the shots were of the boats and lighthouse. Inside there were glass bricks and the sailboat just sailed into my picture. How convenient was that?

Wildflowers, Maine

This is one of Julia’s favorites. She had me print it and then she had it framed. That was very flattering. I got this shot in Rockland, Maine. I met Bob and Kathy with granddaughter Molly. Bob wanted to go to the Coast Guard PX. As we walked across a parking lot, there was this image with bright color and the white wildflowers. It was a good graphic. I see color now. This was an instant grab shot for me. I wish I had some of my black and white vision. Still, this works for me. And thanks, Julia, for appreciating it.