Word and Image



Typically, a portrait is vertically composed. With iPhone it’s mostly? Vertical too? Most folks are too lazy to turn their phone. With a camera, the photos (portraits) are mostly horizontal. Same, you can’t be bothered to turn the camera vertically. Enough! Vertical! Horizontal! I will admit I am mostly horizontal (camera). Lazy! Guilty.


_DSC3705 copyPumpkin on the doorstep, Jules loved this and framed it also. It’s almost a natural monochrome. You can’t make this stuff up. A little color and it was right out of the car door as I exited. I was in Rockport to check on a craft show. The photo was right there. Never turn down a golden opportunity. I have to thank the owner for setting up this little tableau.

Autumn Pumpkin, Rockport

I was passing through Rockland, Maine and decided to stop in Rockport. There’s a photo workshop based there. It is a quaint town. There was a craft show and I stopped to have a look. Walking to the venue, I found this door decorated for the fall. It is another of Julia’s favorites. I like the muted colors offset by the splash of orange. No photoshop was at work here. If I were a poet – harmonious.