Word and Image


No Chance


There are plenty of old and rundown houses I have seen in rural America. Lately, they are on my list to photograph. My problem is that I am usually driving and don’t want to waste time to document sadness. I was stopped at a traffic light headed north. The only thing left is to knock it down. Too bad. There was once a lot of love and joy in this house?


I ran into the field of snow geese to get a shot of them in flight. There was a truck parked about a hundred yards away. The hick with his camera was unhinged by my heinous act and he told me he got a picture of my license plate to report to the owner. I’m waiting. Booooo!

We ate in a winner

It was a winner. The owner/chef was a winner of Top Chef. He was the twin who came in second. It doesn’t help me. I don’t recall ever watching a single episode. But he’s a locally famous chef and we ate in his place. Wow! A winner designer chef and we got in just before the place was packed and crowded on a Sunday evening. It’s a diner. Home fries? I never order them – needless calories. My date did it. Wow! They were as good as they looked. I learned a new thing. Yes, it was well worth the stop.

I grew up…

I grew up. I’m old. It’s a fact. You may dispute how old you are relative to me if you… remember phones that have no dial. To signal the operator you just lift the phone and she’s there….like the refrigerator light that comes on whenever…. I got to ask…What do you do with old shoes? Someone else will wear them. Yup. Lots of people do. And, my feet don’t stink.



Spring. Daffodils. Shoot. I’m working on a better image. Technically sound, I got the pistil and stamens in focus. Not perfect. Not bad. Got this one in front of an antique store. Bet you wanted to know that too.

Blossom Time

I’m still trying for a signature shot. No matter what there are plenty of blossoms this time of year. I have lots of shots. There was a movie where the Japanese Samurai searched the trees each spring for the perfect blossom. The point was in the search because there was no perfect blossom. I think I get it. …still trying for that signature image.

Three of Five


I don’t figure to ever get five in a single picture. Three cats aren’t bad except Elle does not like Spice and Feather. They all tolerate one another now. That’s progress. The boys, Patch and Willow, are larger by far. Whatever they want they do. It’s nice they are mellow. The sisters plot in secret like the Simon and Garfunkel song.

At the Zoo…


Beat generation, Dylan Thomas, poetry…. We passed an Asian food market. He stood in front of the laundromat. He was not lighting a cigarette. He was playing a harmonica. I did not stick around long enough to listen. He was still playing when we emerged. He was not panhandling for money. The signs poetically rhymed. Ta da!



I end up in fiber stores. Since I am a tech person, there is the choice of humming or finding something else. I like the patterns and color. The manager caught me. She asked me to post to Facebook. Ah! But I don’t Facebook. I’m sort of glad I don’t.

Patterns, close-ups, color, I realize that I am no Instagram or image manipulator. I don’t distort or go black and white. I don’t find it more interesting to dress up my picture. The original should speak for itself. Of course, Photoshop has made digital imaging truly manipulative. What is real anymore? To be sure, we accept manipulation in stride. That would make me old fashioned. Just not too… old.


Don’t laugh. I have a bunch of sewing machines. I have two typewriters. Just two. I got the one just like the one I used to type term papers in college.

I’m drawn to sewing machines mounted in tables. I’ve zeroed in on one more. (no pic yet) Don’t laugh. We have a house large enough to accommodate all this stuff. I’m building a bookcase to show this stuff. It’s an odd collection obsession. I’m not obsessed.

Big wheels? Not the Mattel tricycle. We have a couple. Ahem! Only two so far. We are trying to get them working. They do work? And now, we are mixing old and new furniture. I wish… but no downsizing around this place.