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This is the fireplace on Long Island. But it is more or less representative of many fires I have known. The image recalls ski trips to Vermont. There was always a fireplace. It was part of the ambiance.

When I met Lisa she didn’t know the first thing about lighting a fireplace. Now I am permitted to do nothing.

And there was a fireplace in the Ventana Inn where we stayed just before Jules was born. I recall fires cheerfully burning at the Egremont Inn in the Berkshires. The kids raked leaves that weekend.


Warm cheery meant cold windy outside. Perhaps with snow or not – there were so many fires I have known. All are pretty uniformly associated with nice memories. Friends and family were usually in the picture. I recall a last ski trip that Jules and I made to Vermont. We skied and had a fireplace to ourselves. That I recall is the last fire we made together. Yes, I can recall many a fire with many a good memory to go with them.



Get in close. My early pictures were less so. I got brave. So far I have not been injured. Rule: don’t touch anything. Corollary: Don’t let anything touch you. Stonefish are supposed to be poisonous and dangerous. Myth or truth? Don’t touch anything. So familiarity breeds…. and I am braver and getting closer all the time. I’m not seeing any teeth and the fish is quite docile. It just sits there and stares at me staring at it. So far so good.


Flash Experiment


Ghost images made by multiple flash exposure. I did it once. I have not had the need to do it again. It was an experiment in using my flash settings. I would have to read the manual to remember the technique. There are many things you try. I forget more than I remember. The things you use everyday get 99% of your images. It is still useful to experiment. Sometimes you do get to use a long lost skill.


But flash photography and I have had a long relationship in which I controlled very little in our image making. I am a reluctant user of flash and prefer available light. So this was my one and only multiple exposure foray. Thanks Dave.

Spiny Balloonfish and Orange Striped Trigger Fish


I got this image under a coral ledge. I used the flash to my advantage. It reminds me of two fish conferring. I am sure that this is not the case. Fish can’t talk right?



Who they are does not matter as much as the sentiment. I think someone will know them instantly. The image is of deep friendship. Two buddies sharing a moment – not too many moments like these come around. I wish it were not so. And the moment is gone in an instant before you realize it. I just happened to be there this time when the instant was in view.


Eggs In A Basket


Here’s something that I can only point out. We were able to see this behavior several times in a couple dives. This fish is carrying eggs in its mouth. I have heard male fish do this sometimes. Male or female you decide here. But it kept its mouth open and looked like it had marbles bulging its lower jaw. I was surprised too that the fish kept to its spot and did not give ground as I swam closer to get a picture.

NYC Aerial


This was my neighborhood for a long time. It is Manhattan. Charlie and I were returning from Rhinebeck. Ordinarily I would be handling the controls. But this time I was the photographer. I still have my nose pressed to the window of a passenger jet whenever I pass over NYC. But this one time we were over Manhattan and I had a perfect view.


I admit to three fantasies. Flying, diving, and jumping from an airplane with a parachute. The third is not an option any longer. I have finally decided to act my age and will pass. However both my kids jumped from an airplane in a tandem jump in different countries on different hemispheres within a week of one another unbeknownst that the other was doing it. Does the apple fall far…?

Old School


This was a goof picture based on the ever popular selfies. I simply used Photoshop. Yes, I readily admit to doing this. We each took a shot and I was able to match the images well enough to clone in two people. The interesting thing is that we really were classmates with desks just like this. So this is not New York but it was West Virginia where I grew up. The desks were in a Shaker Village schoolroom. And somehow I remember them being a lot larger. Yes there were inkwells. But there was no ink by the time I attended.

In Charge


As a general principle I dive with more experienced divers. I have reached the rank of rescue diver master diver. That would place me just below an instructor level. I don’t particularly care to lead or to watch over less experienced divers. I have had many an adventure with novices who have dived with me. A master diver hooked up with me and my assistant. I should have refused. I was going to have my eyes glued to my assistant and another diver was just too much. He was good. Off with his regulator and he posed for a picture with Nemo.

IMG_4442I was taking some shots of my own. A blue spotted ray presented itself for me. Not too shabby, the day was going well until the second dive. The water was a little rough and there was a current. My assistant had buoyancy issues.


Looking at his profile it is easy to see he is not completely comfortable in the water. If you cannot tell then you have not dived enough. I had already added weight to him but he had a tendency to float up. And at the end of our dive he was unable to remain down.


No big deal except for the surface waves and then there was the random up and down motion to make instant sea sickness. He threw up. Not good at any time and especially when you are underwater with a regulator in your mouth. Nasty! So here I was in the rescue mode holding the poor guy by his regulator and bringing him in to the shore. There was another diver away who watched intently as I did the rescue thing. And our companion master diver grinned at me and said, “At least we came back – three.” There is no doubt some humor here somewhere. As for me, a little more up and down and I would have been sick too. I am wondering if it was such a good idea to get rescue diver status.



My dog Nellie was always anxious whenever anyone was out. She would sit by the door just dozing. And the moment there was noise in the driveway, her head would raise and she would perk up to see if the missing member of our family was home yet. Somehow it was easier when Nellie worried. She did enough worrying for both of us.



And this is the screen saver on my phone. My kids were unhappy when I told them I loved my dog more than them. I was kidding of course. Nellie had a knack for blinking whenever the flash fired. It was quite a trick. But she could do it consistently. How the heck do you distract a dog?



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