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There is a moment after the sun has set in which there is a deeply orange sky. I lasts for a few seconds before everything goes blue. The fountain in the background is run by a jet engine and is said to shoot the tallest column of water in the world. It’s a nice subject. And the glow sticks add more fun. I don’t stage this stuff. People keep walking into my camera lens frame.




Sunset is always different. I like good clouds. Then I want a nice orange glow. Sometimes you don’t get what you want. I like it when folks pass in front of my sunset. They get shot.


And it is amusing to watch the smart phone crowd. I have to admit the cellphone images are better than nothing. I guess for a screen saver or desktop image this is more than adequate. I just think you need a real camera to do it right. But notice my big fancy camera is having problems in the dim light too.


Dyed Feet


Henna dyed feet is a cosmetic custom. The dye is derived from a small tree. I have seen it in patterns on the hands before. I am not accustomed to seeing feet dyed in a uniform way.


It is definitely a fashion statement that I do not see anywhere else. I have yet to notice it in any of my patients.



There is also a man who will sell you fries on the Corniche. You get different sauces and salt. Hot sauce is popular. During the summer in the stifling heat I imagine standing over hot oil is no fun at all. But it is winter and chilly in January. All is good.




On the weekend there is a large crowd around the equipment. I am happy to see kids being kids. They even get to run bare foot. As you can notice concrete is just as nice a spot to land as grass.


It seems that anything fun always attracts a crowd. Don’t fall and no one will step upon you.




So this chap walked on out into the bay barefooted to cast his line. I have not seen any fish caught. I don’t fancy a walk on the bottom since the green slime on the shore is not too appetizing. I guess the fish are probably not affected by the slime?


Birds buzz the bay at sunset. The glare on the water blinds me. Apparently the birds can see small fish below the surface as they dive bomb and catch supper. Either way it’s fishing.





Kids get to wear color. When they slip into an abaya is individual family choice it seems. I have seen some very young kids in abayas. But I am attracted to color. And I always like bubbles, And it is fun to skate holding your brother’s hand.





Well I can refer to someone walking or the device this man with the cervical collar is using. From his stride I think he’d be better with a cane. Maybe the walker is for sympathy. Ah I happen to have a shot of a cane too.


Corn Man


I swear he doesn’t change his shirt. It’s not a uniform. But this guy is out on two occasions with the same shirt. He has a wheelbarrow with shucked corn and will grill it right on the hot coals for you to eat immediately. A minute a side and you are good to go. I guess no one worries about germs. The heat will have killed them right?




Make yourself at home. People on a crowded day park up on the sidewalk. The rule I told you: there are no rules. Plop down, spread on out, sit anywhere, be it the grass or the concrete. You decide if you want bugs or not. People just do their thing. I guess it’s like Jones Beach in the summer. No boom boxes. And definitely there are no bikinis.



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