Word and Image



At the Holtsville dam and hydroelectric plant there was an eagles’ nest. A man in a pickup truck kindly pointed out the nest. I actually see two eagles! He said the nest had fallen into disrepair. But look! They are bald eagles. I know you cannot make out detail.  Drat! The backlighting does not permit. But it was cool nonetheless.

African Daisy


They are from Africa, I guess. Stunning. I don’t see them too often in the market. I got a few pots and promptly let them wilt in the sun on my deck. I’m working on reviving them now. At least I got pictures when they were looking good.



Generally, I eat them and don’t shoot them. And I don’t pick wild ones because there are deadly poisonous ones out there. Geez, it would be fun to pick and eat mushrooms. But no. You don’t see wild apples growing. There are tiny wild strawberries. They taste awful. Anyway, without the expertise, I don’t eat mushrooms I find, except, in the supermarket.




It’s a spring beauty. There’s some religious symbolism about the flower. Sorry, I’m too lazy at the moment to look it up.


The real trick is in shooting the seeds. Either way it’s colorful and whimsical. Why, then, are they considered weeds and universally plucked and discarded? Dandelion wine, dandelion salad? They grow up in my yard and mess up the nice green grass which has nothing going except that we gotta mow it once a week.

Old Phone

It was a dime to make a call. That would be all of my life into adulthood. When Dave was a teen the price finally began to rise steadily to reach a quarter. He was incensed, “The bastards…” By then cellphones came into wide use and pay phones disappeared. A bright recollection was during the “2003 blackout” in NYC when everyone was lined up ten deep at the payphones. There was no cell service. The system did not have backup generators. Ha!

The “real” old phone looks like a face. I’m sure you noticed.


Amish country signs are entertaining if not outright suggestive. I suppose there was a reason. Maybe it has something to do with all that ‘plain and fancy’ stuff. You can look it up on the ‘net. I’m lazy.

Vapor shops – they got ‘em. You know what that means.

Nurses – then there is nurses with vapors. Go figure. Someone chose their neighbor unwisely.

Afterlife – as long as we are talking medical this car was driven by a Mennonite woman.

Dutch Wonderland – I took the kids there about thirty years back. Jules remembers! It grew! And it’s a bit intimidating now. Not so much wonder as it is “touristy.”

Old car

It felt like Maine again. Old beat up vehicles. They are yard ornaments. Nowhere to go? Sentimental value? Vintage. Picturesque.



It was spring and planting and haying season when we were in Pennsylvania Amish farmland. I shot through my car window and out the window. Telephoto allowed me not to be noticed while getting these shots of farming.

I appreciate the philosophy. It must be hard to do hard work knowing that there are more efficient means. Conviction of belief.



Mennonites. They arrived by car, that’s how I know. And I waved as I went by. They waved back. I was using my sneaky street photography technique. My camera was low on my hip.