Word and Image



I watched the interaction of these kids. A pair of sisters in the wagon were eating pizza. The three older sisters were with their little brother who played with the little sister in the wagon. The older teens were tickled that brother was playing with a little girl. The teens squealed with delight and peals of laughter. The other little girls interwove their way in and out of the scene unfolding. I tried to guess. By my observation the teens are sisters. There was a total of six kids. It’s a large family. Ah! That reunion? (after the pig encounter) They had ten kids. That is/was a tribe!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy


It won the Grammy that year. I still smile to hear the song. It’s so simple.

Pardon me, who’s the pig you’re with


Pet pig. Who’d have thought to ask? But it’s hard to find a pig “vet.” And then, that very weekend we went to a family reunion and met a vet who does pigs. How nice! I wish I had the owner’s contact info. No, I harbor no desire to own a pig. But, it makes me think – BLT.

Save Everything

Don’t throw nuthin’ away! Have I already told you? Look! $6.50 for a used empty Band-Aid box. Really! Imagine if the contents were still in it. Wait a hundred years…. Cash registers? Remember? Nowadays they calculate the change for you. It’s because the cashiers don’t know how to add/subtract make change. The odd metal thing with a handle? It’s a hat stretcher. Yeah, that one fooled us too.


We were sitting on the deck. Yes, I have a very nice deck nowadays.


We were in the grocery and a girl went by wearing a T-shirt and a bikini bottom. A very skimpy bottom… which is entirely ok on the beach. I like the idea that what is underwear is mere bathing attire in another venue. No one seems to mind. Styles change with time. They wear a black tent (abaya) in the Middle East. It’s shaped up to be a very different summer for me this year.

… and the little lady – Elle


Elle. She’s a scaredy cat if ever there was one.  She does not want to have anything to do with the outside. No one gets to hold her. She will let you pet her…sometimes. And you may never ever take her photo. She’s not paired. She’s a loner. The boys and the sisters have each other. Elle is a solitary cat who likes her warm spots. She’s loving on her terms. Yup, a lady.  Tormented? Yes, that would be Spice’s mission. She stalks Elle. They hiss. “What me?”



‘Round about now it’s pretty easy to see flags. I still take photos of them as I go along. New Castle, DE.

Seen at Chesapeake City

It’s a very large ship. See the tiny tug. I guess things special are in the details I see. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it. Oh, spy the guy on the rope.

More Flowers

More flowers I have seen of late… and one pine. It’s a pine I have not seen nor do I know its name. I’m lookin’…