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There is something to be said about pictures of apples. As a fruit, apples are very photogenic. It’s a fact. Don’t ask.

There are hundreds of varieties of apples. Did you know? And some have gone missing. Not extinct. They just have gone away for a while and can’t be found. There is an actual organization that looks for lost apple species. They will return someday? Meanwhile my grocer carries about three brands. Hey! I ‘been robbed!

Sour Cream Apple Walnut

The Little Pie Company makes a SCAW – sour cream apple walnut pie for which the recipe is intentionally left out of their cookbook. It is their signature pie. The apples are sliced, not wedged. The topping is brown sugar and walnuts in a thick layer of decadence. I’ve imagined this pie. And since I moved from NYC, it has seemingly been a pursuit to reproduce the recipe. We went apple picking. There was no better time to recreate the recipe. We looked in several places and settled upon the Silver Palate recipe. It utilized sour cream. The topping is described as a streusel. Our recipe tasted exactly as the Little Pie. The topping was too meager. It’s plenty sweet and tastes the same as the Little Pie too. It just needs to be thicker. After all this time, I have reproduced another recipe. Osso bucco was another recipe that turned out to be dead simple to make. Meanwhile, the secret recipe is really not so secret after all.