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Atlantic Puffins in Flight

Galen Leeds another blogger whom I follow is an avid bird photographer. Julia has asked me about technical tips so I’m adding this to some of my posts now. I’m following up on a post I made on 9/14/2011 about the Atlantic puffin. The little bird is hard to photograph. They migrate and live on the ocean for part of the year. They nest on remote islands that are protected from human intrusion. Puffins don’t like intrusion and even with a 400mm lens and DX format giving you effectively 600mm, the birds are still just a dot on the image sensor.

Large licensed tour boats circle the Maine off shore islands where puffins nest from late spring to mid summer. Since they can’t get close, you cannot get a detailed picture. It’s too far to kayak. Smaller tour boats have special permission to land on some of the islands. You are allowed to enter blinds and that’s where you get the quintessential image that you see on the post cards and in tourist bookshops.

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