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Caveat emptor

No free lunch – there is none. We recently did a home improvement. We updated our kitchen. I decided to do the backsplash. Home Depot sells Simple Mat. It is a double sided glue sheet to hold glass tile in place on your wall. I did not read the reviews. The tiles fall down. And yes, indeed they do – fall!! Damn!! Sheets of tile sfell in the night as we slept. Colleen tossed restlessly all night as she dreamt of broken tiles as she heard glass crash to the stone counter. I repaired everything – so far. Tile sheets loosen from the wall. It is a work in progress. There is no free lunch. Do not buy this product! I sure got fooled.

Otherwise, it sure looks good. If it stays…. Putting the tile up requires glass cutting skill. You get a tile cutter for that. The tile sheets come as one foot squares and fit together interlocking like a puzzle. Cutting around the outlet boxes was a royal (unavoidable) pain. It was fun and stunning looking when complete. I cannot say the job is complete. It was our first night so far where the tinkle of falling glass (tile) did not haunt my dreams. Solution? So far, I heated the tile with my wife’s hair dryer to make the glue soften and make the tile stick more stubbornly. Maybe????…it will work?


Not! Life is never the same. We finished a kitchen renovation. What happens if you don’t like the color? Now, for the backsplash – I was gonna tackle that job. Experience? None! Ha ha. Confidence or stupidity? Easy! Except if, the tiles are not fitting the wall height or width, and, there are outlets to cut around. Oh boy! The weather! It’s always fun. Clouds, color, the moon all provide ample opportunity to capture a good image. Why are there always telephone poles in my images? Flowers?! Too numerous to count. While renovating we had to eat out. Eh? You know who likes to eat out!