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Bear Mountain

1912 30 David Michael Bear Mtn  copy

Just like those buddy movies, David and Michael remain best friends to this day. They met in grammar school and have stayed steadfast ever since. This was one of the autumn trips we took to Bear Mountain. They were just a couple of buddies having a quiet walk in the woods. To complete the circle, David called me this past autumn for directions to the lake. He and Mike, with Sarah and Josh, were planning to hike in the autumn around the lake again. It’s pretty special to have that memory carrying forward.


2383 28 David Michael Julia

The annual Bear Mountain hike was a once a year outing that was juggled around school and homework. As the kids got older it was harder to find time to go. We always had a good time. Sometimes we did things that would leave you wondering, “What were you thinking?” No one got wet. And the forest did not burn down. And I don’t know how Julia got stranded out on that rock. And if she got wet getting back, I’ll never tell.2383 01 Julia David Eric Michael

2383 06 Julia David Eric Michael

2382 15 Julia

Bear Mountain

2384 25 Bear mountain

When I look back on my collected images it often appears that my memory was more vivid than the colors on the film. I think it’s my memory, not the film fading. Hmmm… maybe a little of both is in play. I’m a sucker for reflections. About the only time I use a polarizer is to pull out the sky and intensify the leaves. So even as my memory fades, there are some good slides lurking in the collection that are worth showing.

Julia and Laura


One of Julia’s best friends is about to be married in a few weeks. They have known each other since kindergarten. This is one of those Bear Mountain trips and both girls ran around the lake and we started a camp fire and everyone had a good ‘ole time. Wow! Time flew by. Laura will be married soon. Everyone’s a grown up now. I can’t say that I’m quite ready. If you’re not sure what I mean, so am I.


I’m parked on the side of the road looking over a march along Seven Lakes drive in Bear Mountain. I didn’t even get out of the car. I just slid across to the passenger side and rolled down the window to shoot. As I was just about to roll the window, I looked down and snapped this shot. Serendipity.

Bear Mountain

I had an annual tradition with my kids. Unfortunately they grew up and no longer go with me. But we would take a trip to Bear Mountain to see the leaves change in the fall season. My wife wouldn’t go saying that it was bonding with the kids. Who knows? Maybe they think so. She was right about them not going any more … and that they would grow up.

But I would pick a weekend and the kids would pick a friend and off we’d go. Weather played a role but we had to go because the event was scheduled and game must be played whatever the weather. This made for a few rainy trips. How wet? Well the other mothers never knew how wet we got. And their kids and mine had a great time. On this particular trip we could have used a boat. Soaked! Everyone had a splendid time. It was a film camera, slide film, and wet. I never did let a little rain keep me from shooting. We got a great set of memories… at least I did.