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Blue Mosque

_DSC0927 copy

I’m sure there is a name but for the sake of my memory it is the blue mosque. It really should be plain and simple. But the mosque stands out in the rebuilt downtown. It sits among ancient Roman ruins and new churches and chapels. Though we didn’t hesitate to enter the churches, we didn’t try to go into the mosque. It just seems that there is still a little tension in the air.


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Sometimes I surprise myself. Farid was laughing and wondering what I was doing clicking away through his car window. The only hedge was that I was shooting at 1/250 sec and letting the ISO run. It gave me a reasonable number of sharp images. All I can say to this shot is that I was on auto-pilot and lifted the camera, shot, and forgot in the time it took to realize that there was a photo-op. Hey! I was pleasantly surprised as much as anyone else.