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Bradford pear

They populate the roadside from DE to WV. They were all over NY. Bradford pear trees exuberantly bloom and blossom at this time of the year. It’s a short period of spring joy. Okay, by the time this post is published, their time will have passed. In DE, there are not so many specimens. But, my neighbor across the street makes me smile. She planted them and I am the visual recipient of her effort. Thanks so much!


IMG_2548 copy

The flowers come out all along the branches. It’s a great color display. I got the sun into the shot unintentionally. I would say that it was planned but it would not be so. Still, the image is a keeper.

IMG_2555 copy

More Central Park

IMG_2427 copy

The cherry blossoms always stand out. It is hard to decide whether to go with a close up or get a view of the whole tree in bloom. Folks are all about getting shots of the color. Others are out to make a few dollars. I have lately been taking pictures of people taking pictures.

IMG_2429 copy

IMG_2439 copy

It’s all special because it happens for only a few short weeks. If you are lucky enough, you will be there to enjoy it.

Central Park

IMG_2376 copy

The south entrance at Columbus Circle is my usual path into the park. There are always vendors of art and hot dogs. Lately there are pedi-cabs, which cost a pretty hefty price per minute. There are the horse drawn carriages. Yes, it’s a part of tourist New York.

IMG_2395 copy

It’s only a few short weeks when the blossoms add their spectacular color in the spring.

IMG_2413 copy

Near the southeast corner of the park is a bridge often photographed. And it seems there’s always a Yankees fan always about.

IMG_2522 copy

The bridge as I said is a popular photograph. So I tried for something different. I didn’t know koi fish could winter in Central Park.