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People mill around down at the beach in the early evening. Food, souvenirs, stuff, whatever. They mill, they stroll, they wait. I often wonder what is the limit of waiting. You might wait for a table at the restaurant or for that favorite ice cream flavor. How long are you willing to wait? I am generally impatient. No waiting. I get a table pretty quickly in a restaurant. It’s why I refuse to eat in some places. Their food is not memorable enough. Reservation? Yes, when necessary. Otherwise, there is no ice cream worth a wait. Sorry, I can’t tell the difference unless your ice cream is too fluffy and full of air. All of this allows us a good deal of flexibility. If the wait is brief,


We try to avoid the crowds. Why not? We live near the beach and go any time we’d like. It doesn’t mean we do. Alas, I’m being intentionally vague. I am also lucky. Colleen hates traffic and hates wrestling for a parking spot. I lived in NYC where parking was always a chore. This is a relative breeze where we live now. Hey! I can even parallel park! Mostly, we avoid the boardwalk. No need to wrestle with crowds. So, mostly, we don’t.

For fun

DSC07134 comp

I can Photoshop. Of course, I can. We stuck our heads in the holes and I melded them later. Colleen’s pose looks the same but I assure you we took multiple shots. It just goes to show you how steady a force she has been in my life. She’s a constant. … constantly reminding me of the speed limit, of the weather, that the door is unlocked… well to know what it’s like…to know her is to love her…a lot!