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Take What You Can Get


It starts a conversation. Going home. The New York skyline. Even out of focus I recognize the Empire State Building and one of the East River bridges is lit in the foreground. Traffic was moving. No stopping. Oh well. It’s blurred. I will put this on my bucket list of photos to take when time and location permit. Meanwhile, I saw this at night driving around in New York City. I wish you had been there too.

Dinner in Brooklyn

Williamsburg. To be honest my time (years/decades) has been mostly spent in Manhattan. Dave has been there(Brooklyn) for a good long time now. His friends and girlfriend all hang out there. We met for dinner. He took us to a hole in the wall Chinese place. It was more Americanized than Asian. The food was good. Juicy buns/dumplings?! Know how they make ‘em? You bite in, the soup (hot!) pours out. Don’t get burned. It’s a gimmick. You inject the soup? Nope. You wrap the dumpling with a cube of frozen broth. Then when you steam it, the dumpling holds the hot soup inside.



The one and original Nathan’s of Coney Island. This is the hot dog place that the name brand comes from. Perhaps Nathan’s hot dogs aren’t sold everywhere? And this is the place for the annual July 4th hot dog eating contest. I haven’t had a hot dog in 6 months now. I don’t remember what it takes to win the contest but it’s something like eat 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes… with buns… and water if you wish. I like dogs but I know I would throw up after/before 10. And it was always a skinny Japanese kid who would win… not lately. But who’d have figured a little Japanese kid? Otherwise the joint is nothing compared to the slick fast food Nathan’s they set up in the local malls.