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More Bubbles


Hey! I found this all by myself! I’m working this subject to death. And I’m sure if you don’t dive – enough! And if you eat shrimp – get on with it! This thing has claws! It’s not even a morsel. It’s way smaller than some fish poop I swim through. I’s like a small piece of lint on the coral. That’s what makes it so damn hard to see, so hard to find, and so hard to photograph.


If you don’t look you will never see it. And if you look you will usually not find it. And if you are old and wear glasses…well, good luck to you underwater. They do not wear glasses. Things are magnified through the dive mask. But there are so many other ways to mess up vison. Your mask fogs. We use shampoo. A few drops and it coats the lens and fog is much less. You just blurring from the wavy soap. For some reason the camera and the glass stay pristine.


So the images I shoot are better than what I see. You need faith. I need religion but that’s another issue. Hey! This set of images were on another dive and I am better at finding than I ever thought. I actually got a chance to shoot this shrimp as it moved over the bubble coral.


And I got detail. …the claws. Not quite as good as my expert dive guru. But it’s more than decent. Just not great. But I’m better…just not as good as I will be…

Oh no! More shrimp…


My shot. This would be my usual till now. I’m not too good at getting in on top of the subject yet. Focus and technical details still elude me. I am still closing my eyes and hoping for the best. Don’t get me wrong. This is special stuff. And I’m getting much better. Learning on the fly is pretty fascinating. I don’t have any formal lessons. I just go and shoot. Click, adjust, shoot, and adjust, all done on the fly. I constantly am impressed at how I’m able to come away with something decent. Now I’m working on better. Bear with me. Oh, you don’t see these guys often even though I’ve posted something three times recently. I was just thinking of seeing one with my close-up lens and my wish was granted. So, fingers crossed…I’m thinking I’d like to see a mermaid!

Bubbles – the Coral Shrimp


You think the last one was good till you see the next. I got one of these shots. And my dive buddy Amr got the other. He’s my photo guru. Eyes that miss nothing. He joked that he got an image of the shrimp’s brain.


Wizard of Oz – “If I Only Had A Brain.” It doesn’t. So I don’t think there was much to demonstrate. Except there are those scales. This is detail! Everybody is afraid to be eaten. This speck would barely be a tidbit.


Definitely not tasty or worth the trouble. What I can tell you, I am not skilled enough to do this shot. Yet! But half the trick is understanding how they did it. And now to leap off the cliff…it won’t hurt a bit. The landing – that’s another matter to discuss…

Bubble Coral Shrimp


I confess. I can’t see this guy. My dive buddy points it out when he sees one. By now I know the drill. He signals and I move in. It’s a dot among the bubble coral. Tiny, tiny, you have to take my word. Oh! See the claws. I would have thought that crab and lobster have claws. But they call this a shrimp. Close-up lens, yeah! It takes a great image. My other buddy tried. He couldn’t see it either. I guess the first one with x-ray vision is the winner. It ain’t me. I’m so grateful to have a buddy who sees things. No he does not have an imaginary friend. The next few posts are about bubble shrimp and my observations and evolving skills. It’s interesting because within a few dives I discovered that things changed. So, I can string together some images which look the same but are vastly different in terms of my skill and ability. This starting image would have been great for me. Then the bar went higher.

Bubble Coral Shrimp


This shrimp fascinates me. My dive buddy has great vision and points them out. I can’t see them for beans. I try. Oh, and I mean to point out the juvenile fish nearby. You don’t get that everyday either.


Nope, My eyes just don’t see them. This set of images is magnified significantly. It you point it out to me it looks like a speck of dust in the water. So be appreciative it’s not easy to see.


And I’ve got a series of images now. So it’s not big novelty any more. But, the fish and the shrimp together, that’s different. I know special pictures are made all the time. We take it for granted.


For me, I still get a thrill to see something nearly invisible to my eye. It’s part of what makes you dive again and again.

Hard to See


Want something? Want to laugh? I get to dive with a photographer. He’s good. By that I mean he has a good rig. By rig I mean he has equipment in the water that would break my heart if salt water got in it. Thousands of dollars – if you have to ask you can’t afford it. Three of us were underwater. He was not using a camera. His rig was set up wrong. So he just was acting as fish finder. He pointed things out and my other dive buddy and I shot the images. Subject? Well, he has better vision. We both wear glasses. There are bubble corals seen all about. And once I saw a shrimp pointed out to me by another photographer. It was the only one I ever saw. I’ve been looking since. Nada! IMG_1782So Amr points and I know what he’s pointing to. It’s a shrimp! I can’t see it. Emperor’s new clothes? I shoot. Shoot again. Adjust the flash. Change angles. Can’t see a blessed thing. I finally blow up my image in the LCD. Ah! Eureka! Yes! Do I look enthusiastic? Sound? Yup! Got it. My dive buddy moves in. He doesn’t have the faith that I have. He can’t see a thing. He doesn’t even know where to point his camera. He doesn’t get the shot. I had faith. Yes!! Got it. Not the best. But no image no post here. So you get the benefit of a low res shot. Hey, it’s invisible, tiny, hard to see….and probably not even good to eat. Oh, see the tiny claw! I swear Amr has x-ray vision. He smiles.