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Counting the cars…

As long as we are on Simon and Garfunkel… counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike…. Colleen took this shot. Great shot! She was shooting to include the green arrows. ??? I don’t know. She got a quintessential shot of traffic in America! I’ve been there! And, on our return trip the GPS gods took us on a (lost) detour past St Vlad’s church on the hill. Sometimes random wandering is good! Note: you are never lost if you never put the car in reverse.

Meanwhile, back at home, the flowers … they are fewer as summer fades. It is time for the rose of Sharon to bloom. I have one this year. It is my harbinger to fall.

The Summer Knows – Barbra Streisand

… And if you’ve learned your lesson well
There’s little more for her to tell
One last caress
It’s time to dress
For fall

Happy Christmas


I am inspired by the TV ads that offer up luxury cars for Xmas. Inspiring! Find a car in your driveway on Christmas day. Oh brother!? Why not Xmas in August?

The old one was a bit long on the mileage. Not too bad for a Subaru. But?… Well you show up and they offer you: last year’s model, this (new) year’s model, or a certified used (low mileage) model. The last year’s model was selling at 0% finance. No brainer. Ha ha. I did brain surgery? No longer. But we got a new one, car not brain. Moon roof, automatic rear hatch open/close, back up camera, and navigation – new features appreciated. New cars are an extension of the technology/computer/internet era. Navigation? It’s an add-on extra. But… you can hook up your iPhone maps without the nav package! I have driven without a backup camera forever. It’s mandatory in new cars now. I still look over my shoulder and out the back. Old habits are hard to change. But for the other driver in the front passenger seat….she won’t have to look around so much any longer. And, the old Forrester? They sold her a day later. Old Subarus, they sell like hotcakes.

Show and Tell

Passing through Ocean City… there was a fast car convention. It wasn’t official. It wasn’t sanctioned. The police were out in force. The cars were just revving and zooming around in a circle. It was a social media gathering. Everyone who was in the know was privy to knowing to be there. There were a lot of loud mufflers. Cars were circling and spectators were relaxing by the roadside. I got caught in the middle of the traffic jam. The old family car hardly looked souped up. Look at the tiny flat tires. They are awful on the road. You get a flat tire every time you hit a pot hole. And the rims get bent…. Good luck guys.

Martin’s Store, Highgate Springs

Each summer when we traveled to the Tyler Place in Vermont, we would see Martin’s store as we pulled onto the road departing the resort. And as I recall, many a Saturday departure was accompanied by rain. This was perfect since we were leaving. It’s very rural. We had little need to purchase any goods since the Tyler Place is all-inclusive. But they do have things like beef jerky and Spam… a whole ‘nother story. This day in the pouring rain, the old Chevy makes the photo timeless.