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Whenever we leave the cats are the first to protest. They gather. They know we are headed out. It’s the suitcases. That is the essential difference from a day trip. And they are smart enough to know full well what a suitcase implies. Sometimes they lie inside the bag as though we would pack and take them too. Other times they just gather outside the bedroom door and lie forlorn. Nutley lay upon the stair head hanging in resignation. I know it. They know it. And we all miss each other before anyone is out the door. Pitiful. You bet! We are away this Xmas. The cats miss us as we do them. We do our best. Someone loses and some win. Bittersweet.


We call Ray and Nutley the twins. They arrived together. We have three sets – of twins – the sisters, the boys, and the twins. Rainy day, it was great light coming from the window. I must admit I am color. I don’t think in black and white at all. I tried. But I am completely seduced by color. Cute helps too. They are bigger now. Even so, Ray fits his big ole’ self right into the basket and is happy as a clam. Clam? Why/when are clams happy? Everyones’ eatn’ ’em.



Well, we carried our joke far. I had to trash a toilet. They charge for bulk pickup. And it’s on Monday. So, I had to leave the trash in my foyer for a few days. The development would have objected to a toilet at the end of the driveway. Flowers? Why not? And, a curious cat can never resist exploring something new. What’s in your foyer?

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a turntable device. It allows you to reach things in a corner cabinet that might otherwise be hard to reach. Nutley, my nut of a cat, likes to bang on the door and bounce it open. Then he climbs into the cabinet. What’s in your cabinet? We have to leave the door open lest he be trapped inside. Or, can he reverse engineer and get himself out?



My cat Nutley, so named because he’s nuts, has taken to opening the cabinets and drawers. He bangs on the doors and drawers till they loosen and then he paws them open. Neat! … except when he paws and bangs on the hinge side of the doors. Then, his little trick won’t work. Nutley hasn’t quite worked out the calculus for that maneuver. Kind of smart, kind of dumb, nuts, that’s Nutley.



I’ve got a pair of escape artists. Given an opportunity they would escape to the wide wide world. They are a handful. So, they have limited time outside. They are indoor cats. We open the window a bit for them to feel the fresh air and the breeze. They look pitiful as they pine for the outside. But I want to eat in peace. So, they stay behind. Don’t worry their time will come.

Profile in cat


Good light. I love to catch a good portrait. My cats are the perfect models. They pose. I shoot. We are all very happy.



Patch is our cat. He’s one of seven cats in our home. They all have habits. Patch likes to hang out the fence and look out over the wide world. Looking for birds or flying bugs? Who knows? He loves to hang out and gaze upon the world. I know he’s having a good time. That is enough to make me happy too.



You can hide. Feather does not like company. So she hides in the closet. Then the kids know where to go to find her. New hiding place? Not yet. Smart – cat? Kid? Unknown? It’s an experiment in progress. I still find Feather in her spot. Leave the cat in peace please. Who told on her?

My bad


Feather loves mint chip ice cream. How? I don’t know. She was all over me one night as I ate. She proceeded to lick my bowl clean. Now she gets the cold treat before I’m done. I put some on the table and she licks and gobbles it up. None of the other cats have shown any interest in ice cream. Chocolate is bad for cats. I didn’t notice a small chip. Feather was smart enough to leave it behind. Now I have read cats won’t willingly eat chocolate on their own. Maybe it’s like broccoli and peas for me?