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All bleeding stops

Nutley and Ray are restricted on the outdoor deck. They wear a collar on a tether in order to prevent them from going over the gate and into the wide world. I anchor the rope to the outdoor table and move the anchor as they tangle up going around the furniture. Got it? I looked down and noticed blood on the deck. It was funny looking thin almost like grape juice. Nope! Blood! Colleen and I checked. No mosquitoes. Neither of us was bleeding. It was Nutley. Big! All over. There was a trail of blood around the planter. Dunno? The cut was small – right on his ear. But it kept bleeding. Pressure did not work. We went through several paper towels. I’d get the bleeding to slow down and Nutley would shake his head vigorously and start the bleeding all over again. Normal bleeding time for humans is under 8 minutes. In cats? It just kept bleeding. …. til it stopped suddenly. It bled once more with another head shake. But after that it stopped. To be sure it was a traumatic experience for us both (human and cat). Nutley howled pitifully. But it all stopped. And Nutley lives!


No Mercy

What do you do on a slow day? I write about my cats. I try to take a picture every day. Some days it’s cats. Presently I’m food obsessed. Writing about food would only make me hungry. Elle is now the smallest. She’s oldest too. It doesn’t stop Spice from picking on her. Elle holds her own. Spice goes in ‘timeout’ if I catch her whopping Elle. Détente! (I know what you’re thinking [Spice]. Don’t even think about it!)



My cat drinks beer? That is a pottery beer stein/mug – or so I have been told. I don’t recall the name they called it. And, there is my nutcase cat – Nutley – drinking from it. There’s probably not enough beer for me to be chastened for giving beer to a minor (cat). Nutley, that’s his name.



Spice has the look of freshly pulling her own paw from an electric socket. No matter what, she has tangles. I realize that the background loom is not helping. Poor thing. We are working there. She’s resting. Possession is the word. We let her sit. Good kitty!

Basket case

We took a basket making class. Don’t ask. I used to joke about basket making as a throw away college course in which to get an easy “A.” Now I have nightmares about the final exam tomorrow in a college course in which I neglected to attend a single class. I’m retired! No classes! Ever! I cannot fail. And I will not take another final exam. Ever! As you can see our work was immediately appropriated and put to good comfort and use.

All in a day


It’s not flattering (to me). It is a snap arranged and taken by Colleen. She calls me the Pied Piper. I sit and the cats gather. We have one, two, three here. She says these are my cats…as opposed to hers. Cats have preferences too. I would deny it. But, there are favorites. All are given the love they demand. Some demand more than others.


Black and white: I’ve rediscovered it. This is another offshoot of the photo discussion by the museum exhibit judge. (Thanks, Colleen. She dragged me to it.) He did not discuss this topic. But, he got me to thinking about black and white photos today. There’s no simple way to shoot, develop, or print black and white film. Converting to black and white while post processing in Photoshop has never been satisfactory to me. Shooting black and white is a commitment to the technique. The tradeoff is that I am a color guy. I have been thinking in color for decades. It’s a work in progress. To be sure, it is way different from color. Embrace the madness?

I’m out of order in my posts. Sorry. But, I dabbled in black and white again, then promptly dropped it. It was a brief sidebar. At the end of the day, I’m still a color guy. Mostly.



Can you do it again? I was often told… and still am (told) – “You’re taking that again? You already have a shot. Do you need another?” or, “Why are you stopping (to take a picture) again? You have that already.” Luckily, I am fortunate that Colleen has infinite patience. There’s a trade-off. I spend a lot of time in fiber (weaving) shops. It’s not easy. You can’t get a good/great shot every time out. And there is always the hope you can do it again. It’s not easy to do. It’s never quite the same. Insanity – doing something over and over, hoping for a different result? Ummm… I meant cats, not fiber shops.

A hit


I take passable images. It’s not that hard to get a technically good one – focus, composition, lighting, and so forth. I have so many good images. Then, there are those images that linger, a cut above the others. I’ve learned to go with my first impression. These few will be separated and kept as inspiration. There is always self-doubt in editing one’s work. Later on, I will come upon this image and see flaws. For now, it’s a keeper. How do you know? No clue, it just is.



I don’t take a single image; I take multiple simultaneous images. Why not? It’s interesting that from image to image things change slightly. Picking from the best you may get focus, composition, or pose changes. It definitely helps to have a choice.

Either way I do tend to get some cuteness out of this effort.