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Black and white

Evolution. I started in black and white – Tri X. I developed my own because I was on a budget. Cheap! It’s a mindset you never lose. It’s why memory card are so wonderful. Unlimited shots (seemingly) for little money. Color. Nope, expensive, till I developed my own slide film. Heaven. I never shot another frame of black and white. The color was like landing in Kansas in the Wizard of Oz. Color was totally seductive. I never looked back and never used black and white film again.

Black and white is a mindset. You have to live and dream in it. Ansel Adams, my hat is off to you.

Black and white is easy. Photoshop, whatever. Just convert your color to BxW. So simple. It is. But it’s not the same as thinking in BxW. For that you need to see your subjects in tones. I’m a color guy. For sure. I see color. It might be fun to experiment. The camera will shoot BxW automatically. But, then, I would want my color too. Easy, shoot color and convert it. It’s just not that easy and definitely not the same thought process. Drat!

And the cats? Elle is behind the door. She’s separated in order to recover from a wound to her tail. The high chair is against the door handle in order to prevent the sisters, Spice and Feather from opening the door. Yup, they can jump the handle and get the door open. As you can see, they are patiently awaiting entry. They are more curious than sympathetic. When I let them in, they went straight for the food and water. It’s not punishment. Elle just needs some quiet time.


New Camera

I got a new camera (last September)– Sony RX100VI. It’s touted as the best travel camera. It’s been raved over as a dive camera for years. I succumbed to the hype. I have buyer’s remorse. It’s good! But the Canon G7X is good too. And it cost a lot less. The Canon G7 Mark II is probably good too. I did need a new camera. Ha! I’ve got a case of camera envy. Actually, I justify the acquisition in the name of protecting and preserving the G7X. My dive housing is dedicated and if the G7X goes, then there will be a very expensive dive housing sitting without a place to go. Yeah! That does seal the argument?? The Sony is good. I’m just putting it through rigorous field tests. It’s good. I miss the G7X already. I’ll transition and everything will be okay. It happened with my Canon G12. That was a sweet camera until the G7X. And my Canon S100? What about the trusty Nikon D610? Ok, ok, don’t laugh. I’ve got cameras like… ladies have shoes (some not all). I have some test images. There are limitations in focusing and speed and … overall, the camera does well. It and I are still getting to know each other. There are advantages over an iPhone… and not. Mostly I’m a camera guy. I want to take a picture with a real camera and control certain elements that the iPhone doesn’t allow. Remember, I like to make the rules … not be ruled. Judge from the samples. I need a haircut.

Follow-up: Since there is considerable delay in my posts lately, it’s been two trips since I got the RX100. I have not shot a frame from the G7X. There are limitations. Focusing, touted as excellent, has been a problem with the RX100. Like anything else, you work with the limitations and adapt to the quirks. Looking back, the RX100 is easily an all in one travel camera for compact size and convenience. I still think and visualize faster than the camera can respond. And, I still see lots of pictures that the camera was not quick enough to respond to capture the image I saw.



The little ones are undisciplined and untrained. Untrainable? Nutley, the one with his tail up and curved over, he’s the one that made an escape. Luckily, he wasn’t gone long and we found him. I never saw him go over the rail. Sneaky cat! I’m sure he was just curious to explore the wide world. A tiny meow, and a streak across the lawn caught our attention. I don’t know who was more upset, the cat or his mistress. Rescued and returned to the fold, he was forbidden to leave the house. All deck privileges rescinded! Nutley was out on a supervised outing the next day. No indication that he would like to make another jail break. Like kids, the cats need to be under close observation every moment.

Cat portrait


Okay okay, they are not all looking into the camera. Manipulated? You bet! It took me more than 100 shots to combine and get seven cats into this picture. No cats were harmed in the filming. Two were highly reluctant. Two posed spontaneously. The last three were confused participants. One posed multiple times. In the end I have a portrait of the kids. Three sets of twins and Elle. It was easy in the end. You are looking at the final product. Someone asked me if I liked using Photoshop. No, but I do have some skills.


This was our Christmas card for this year. What will we do next year? 9..10 cats?


I do not commonly see much close interaction between the older cats. They are free agents who bump into each other infrequently. The kitties like to be close by to one another. They also have not developed manners. They do not hesitate to crowd out the older cats in favor of a place at the feed bowl. There’s no dignity among them when it comes to chow time.


Nutley was aptly named. He likes to be right in on the action. I’m cooking. He’s there. nuts. No cats were burned in the making of this photo. Nuts! He just lay his head down and was not the least affected by the heat. When I went on to another task he followed. I’ve been called the pied piper of the cats. The sisters like to follow me to my desk and they sit mere feet away. Am I being followed? Hmmmm….

Death wish

This is Ray. He has a death wish. He jumps to the rail and looks longingly over to the crepe myrtle. He will fail if he tries to land in the branches. And I’m not going after him. So, I scold him and hope the lesson takes. He’s a smart kitty? Right. He burned himself on the citronella candle flame. That hurt his little paw as much as it surprised him too. I only hope I don’t have to rig up some kind of rescue if he jumps into the crepe myrtle branches.


Spice perches on the stair landing and watches over the house. It’s her spot. Nutley, just as his name implies is always up to no good. The girls otherwise like to lay about on the couch. I swear that some of the poses are not entirely ladylike. But then again who expects to be photographed when you are just lying around.


Kittens play. The old cats don’t romp as much. I like kittens. Ooooo! Careful. I’ll end up with more kittens before long.

Pose for me, please

This would be my “Nellie” pose. I took a lot of pictures of my dog Nellie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Yup, I still miss her. Of all the poses I got, the quintessential one was with her head close to the floor and my camera at eye level. The picture is in the eyes. Spice was kind enough to cooperate.

I don’t usually get to pose my cats. And when they see me with a camera they are usually on the move. So, a bit of stealth is necessary. That often means that I don’t get to move the props around. You take what they allow. My mission is get a group shot. Ha ha. A pair is about the best I have done.