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Not (PC)! – There was the old joke about Polish people and changing light bulbs. You can’t do that humor. It could incur objection from all sides…. So, how does a Chinese (former) neurosurgeon get to a light fixture 16 feet above his head? (No, retired not dead.) Answer: Two seven foot (P)oles?

I do not own a cherry picker. And if I did, I could not get it into my house. How the #@#$! do you get up 16 feet to change a can light bulb? My spiffy 50, 000 hour LED blew fssst! after about 3 months. Colleen heard it sizzle just before it died. I nearly fell off the ladder the last time around. They make grabbers about 3 foot long. Bulb changer? They sell it at Home Depot. It won’t grab that bulb inside the fixture. Some more cursing #@$#%!!! please. Who the “f” planned this? Internet – they sell a 12 foot grabber. Really?! Damn!! It was not many $. The grabber unscrewed the bulb. The changer (yellow) got the new bulb screwed in. 50, 000 hours. It will be a long time till I change another bulb. Ha ha. It took five minutes with the right tools at hand. The internet? Rent a cherry picker. Build a scaffold.

As time goes by

The saying goes, “The shoemaker’s son has no shoes.” We cleaned up the back of beyond. All the dead brush and the phragmites are reduced to near nothing. Phragmites are locally invasive (very tall) grass that obscure my pond view. Efforts to remove it did not get beyond talking. So, one January day when the temp hit 63 degrees, I cut them down with a manual hedge trimmer. It was tedious! To my surprise it worked and the grass never returned in any significant quantity. Who would’ve guessed? This year we put the final touches to the cleanup. I sought before and after pictures. Easy!? Nope. It was hours before some pics were found. And it seems I don’t have a good shot of when the phragmites obscured the view. Imagine that? I was at a loss for a picture!

The front of the house was unique, which was a nice way to say – “odd looking.” The appearance is indeed unique, as one would love a special child. It’s a work in progress. Before, there was no hint of interest. Now, I have been on a multi-year plan to obscure the balcony with green. Wisteria and ivy are growing in. There is a climbing honeysuckle. Yes, I know wisteria take over and the climbing honeysuckle may be more nuisance at a later time.

For better or worse, this remains a work in progress. There is a very fine line before I cross over into messy. For all the pictures that I take of every single thing and event, you would think that I would have extensive image documentation of this change. Surprise! There’s not much to show. Ha! I culled more than a few but it was harder than I expected.

We are in a border dispute. When I cleared the phragmites I found a park bench on the edge of the pond between the pines. Ours? We had a bench and I didn’t know it? Or, the neighbor? It seems that the neighbor has claimed the bench. He can have it. There are too many mosquitoes.

Butt face

I hate it, when they change things. WordPress, the sponsor of this blog site has changed the format for creating and editing a post. Yay! By now everyone has had a chance to try it. I hate change. I just got used to editing and creating…. What if one had to change wives every…. Oh shit! I’m in deep shit….. Please forgive me honey, I don’t know what came over me. I’m so terribly sorry! 🙂

Butt soap – for Ginny, or Emma – there’s a side for your face and one for your ass. Don’t get mixed up? Please. (You know who you are.)