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All was forgiven. Let’s start there. And no, we were not masked. It’s enough to make you cringe. But, we have all been quarantined so it is virtually the same household. Okay?! That vine (climbing honeysuckle) growing up the column? And the clematis in the background next to Colleen? They have been growing happily for years. There’s a passion fruit that showed up giving brilliant showy flowers for a couple years. It doesn’t grow in my zone. So? But it grows! Barb(not shown here!!), who is Colleen’s cousin is (considers herself) an expert gardener. She has from time to time trimmed our clematis. Fine. This year she took it upon herself to return and trim once more. The climbing honeysuckle has taken four! years to grow to the height of the balcony. The balcony is a horrible architectural sight I have been trying to hide since forever. Good old Barb never looked!! She cut the vine on the column at ground level. In one fell swoop she took out my climbing honeysuckle and my passion fruit. The epithets and meltdown (mine) that followed scared the cats too! Poor Colleen. I did call Barb and tell her of my extreme disappointment. Four years work! Well, as my father-in-law said, “No one died.” But!!… god f’n damn, #$%@*!!! Ha ha. Contrition would have been in order. Instead Barb pushed a bad position of ignorance to send me a website defending her trimming and pruning.  I returned with internet info that says honeysuckle vine grows at max two feet per year. Do the math – four more years. … at least no one died. … I’m getting a chainsaw and going to visit Barb’s new house. Heh heh!

The showy passion fruit blossoms will be sorely missed this coming season. So beautiful… I could cry.

I suppose I should show an image of the culprit. Her photo won’t make the Post Office or FBI’s most wanted. There will be no apprehend: Dead or Alive. Alas!