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Grandma! Shit…

Imagine – he’s in the circus clown hall of fame. He slipped away on a technicality until…now. A staple and star he left/retired from the Big Apple Circus. Then a girl accused him. It was too late. He could not be fired since he was already gone. The circus changed owners. Now he’s back. The #MeToo movement fired up his accuser and he’s gone. Long story short. I hope I got it right.


Vincent Tullo for The New York Times

This son of a gun posed with my kids (when they were once kids). Who’d have known? As the NY Times noted: that’s not the man he is in “costume.” Yeah, pun intended (with sarcasm and shock). Sorry kids. I’m really sorry. Shocked? Saddened? You bet.


Grandma the Clown

The Big Apple Circus was a tradition for us for a few years at Christmas. While we went Grandma, the Clown, was a featured performer. He retired and then came back. We were so happy to see him again that the kids went over to get a picture. They are usually too shy. But sometimes it’s the right time and the right place.