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White dots, black background

Astrophotography. It requires a whole new skill set. It’s another language to locate stars in the sky. I was never particularly good at locating the North Star. It’s about as easy for me as to see duckies among the clouds above. I’m hopeless. I could never follow trail signs to get that Boy Scout merit badge. If you take me somewhere, I will always get home again. But, certain things are complete confusion for me. I sought that elusive Neowise comet streaking through our skies. It won’t be back for 69 hundred years. How about that? I won’t be here when it returns. Darn! I got a bunch of white dots on a black field. You may laugh. Please! There was a single streak. Aha! The comet?! Nope, probably camera movement. It’s not the tail. Settle instead for another flower picture. It looks like it’s in the daisy family. Alas, I don’t know its name either. But, it’s a better pic than my astro shot.


IMG_2129Why not? It’s New Year’s. And I still get to swim the Red Sea. It’s too cold at home. Although I admit being on the beach – Atlantic and Pacific at Thanksgiving and I watched people in the water. The water here is near to 80F.

Under the coral and shy as anything we barely saw this comet before it backed up and under the coral ledge out of sight. One shot, yup, one shot. The image was underexposed. But recovery was good. I got a decent image salvaged from nothing. I have not seen this fish before. Sometimes I wonder if I were not diving this reef so often, would I miss so much were I just here on vacation for a few dives. Convoluted? What is the difference between luck and skill? Is it related to the number of opportunities you get? Go figure. …I told you I don’t make these names up. Comet? Wasn’t he one of Santa’s reindeer? They sort of celebrate New Year’s and they don’t. The Arabic calendar is different. It’s like Christmas. The rest of the world does and so there are quiet celebrations here and there. Dubai is spectacular. But mostly there is no big deal like Times Square, NY.