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Better? Colleen’s cousin got a Macbook. She upgraded from her Windows laptop? It’s a big paperweight that looks good. (She’s not using it.) She did not want to give up her mouse. I found Colleen’s Bluetooth mouse. We loaned it out. And she (cousin, name withheld to protect the innocent) wants to use her Window’s external drive to link photos for her scrapbooking. They (cousin and husband) could not get the hang of a formatted ‘fat’ drive that sees jpeg on Windows and Mac simultaneously. Yes, a big fat paperweight. I have offered help. Sometimes it takes time. Meanwhile I have cannibalized the TV as a monitor for my image catalog. I can view more images on a screen. Editing is a little easier. It brings me to the observation that things are not really faster. Transferring files from memory cards to external drives still takes a lot of time. My very first Mac desktop was so slow… you could go have coffee and a refill till it did…. Well, I still wait. It’s just different. I’ve had a laptop as my computer for a long time. This upgrade was necessary/justified because the hardware changed and I could not personally install a bigger hard drive. Solution: new laptop/bigger drive. Yeah, it’s not too bright. And the speed? I still sit and wait. At least it (laptop) looks good sitting there. I could talk about a Lamborghini in my driveway….

Upgrade time


By the time this post is published, I will have upgraded my Mac. Like an old car, my Macbook goes. But software/hardware has built-in obsolescence. Drat! The programs don’t go and the computer doesn’t either. I was forced into this because I ran out of space on the hard drive. Sh*t happens. My cats (three) are/were thrilled. Upgrade means a lot of time puzzling out what worked yesterday that must be tinkered with today. It wasn’t so painful! I managed in about 24 hours. So, Xmas photos are uploaded to the cloud before the 4th of July! Progress! Cats are empathetic. Somehow, they knew to congregate and comfort me in my time of stress. Ya gotta love ’em!