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2375 10 Julia David

Even as the kids got older, I took them on trips just the three of us. Bonding, laying down some memories, making sure that I was a figure in their lives, I was doing what my parents hadn’t done. It’s clear enough that they loved me and pushed me to academic excellence. But it was the personal things that they had problems doing. Generational, probably, and I don’t fault them. I just promised that I would get to all the games and activities as much as I could. So here we are on one of our trips. If memory is correct this is the trip where David was in love with Happy Faces (ice cream) from Friendly’s. So I bargained with him to eat a hot pepper in order to persuade me to take him. I wonder if he remembers.2375 07 Julia David



This is Nellie our second Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She frequently traveled with us. On this occasion we were in Mystic Connecticut taking the kids to camp. She’s a good dog. Doesn’t everyone say that? Nellie tends to be fidgety and likes to run away. So how it is that I got her to sit still and not chase the kids is a mystery to me. She was always a whole lot better as a subject than Reggie, our first. He was black and just never photographed well.