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“Denmark’s mink industry is gone, a victim of the coronavirus. The nation killed all its 17 million mink because of fears of a mutation in the virus that had spread from mink to people.”

2020 will be remember for trump and Covid 19. Herd immunity? In the animal world, mink got it and we slaughtered 17 million. We would have killed them for their pelts without much fanfare or notice for the rich and wealthy to wear. How nuts is all of that? The number is stunning (to me). Danish farmers protested in a tractor demonstration in Copenhagen. Not many protests occur when the fur industry puts 17 million to death for coats. Was this article about money or animal life?

Mink farmers drove their tractors into Copenhagen to demonstrate against the Danish government as coronavirus infections raged through mink herds.  

Could we get rid of Covid by killing off millions of the world citizens? Did it work for mink? Imagine if trump were king instead of a deposed wannabe. Herd immunity was a good idea no worse than killing 17 million mink out of hand? It’s an amazing world out there. Sometimes you gotta wonder if Mother Earth would be better off without a few billion humans. Reset. Climate change….. Herd immunity has its supporters among whom are white supremacists, Fox news, Newsmax…. Hey! It’s a viewpoint. 17 million minks for coats is ok?! They pay for a lot of tractors, which…..

One more

Colleen made masks. She found elastic and material in her stash. Ok! I’ve only worn a mask (for)ever since I started surgery. I overheard Jess exclaim, who could wear a mask for hours? Ha ha! No big deal. You get used to it. It’s like wearing rubber surgical gloves and doing fine microscopic work. You get used to it. No choice. Now I have a Hawaiian style mask. We never had anything so stylish when I operated. Special! Or, perhaps I have been drinking the alcohol again?


I’m about two months ahead – my post today was composed March 21. So, by now, the world has changed. Corona. Gripping. Colleen has been consumed. Me too. I hope you made it through. To the many and few readers, I hope you are all safe. I wonder whether I/we shall be too? This one is the apocalypse. I have been through events in my lifetime – Kennedy assassination to 9/11 and more. This time we are part of the news no matter where we have sheltered. I wonder to see how this has all changed two months from now. From where I sit there’s no good news today. Two months on?

What’s in your bookcase?

There’s a TV ad for a credit card that asks, “What’s in your (bookcase)?” Lately, they have been making a big deal out of what’s in the bookcase of celebrities as they are interviewed during Covid19. I’ve been peering at backgrounds for a long while before this. What I can say is that backgrounds are indeed distracting. Meanwhile, it’s a rare moment when our bookcase is displayed in a tidy room… medical books, cook books, Photoshop skill books, weaving books…and some arts and crafts, so as to make the bookcase look uncrowded. There, you got it. No great authors and no great insight. Usually, I have a cat or other subject in the foreground. And, as I said, it’s rarely neat. Hey, this is work in progress!


While, I on the topic, there are people who won’t drink Corona beer any more. Republicans? Dumb asses? Corona can counter that its beer (alcohol) counteracts the virus. After all it’s (alcohol) is in hand sanitizer. And, consuming disinfectant (our fearless leader says it’s so!!) would kill the virus within us!!! Oh yeah!!!

DISCLAIMER: Consumption of disinfectant will kill your dumb ass!


Titles? I’m not ashamed to say we don’t have best sellers.

Life in the time of corona

I could aptly name this post several ways. Dave and Kathleen are sheltering in place about ten miles from us. They have been self-quarantined since they arrived from NY. They are bored but active. As you can see we are distanced. Colleen is up on the balcony above. The kids surprised us this morning with an early visit. (bad hair day, so far, for me). Colleen ever the proper lady dressed before she appeared on the balcony. They arrived without warning and honked in the driveway. I couldn’t see the car. But, amazingly I got the gist immediately and raced downstairs just ahead of the charging cats. We caught up on the latest news and I was relieved that everyone is ok. Maybe we’ll be able to have a picnic on the golf course next week. They can be on one side of the green and we on the other. But at least I saw my favorite son today! (His sister would say, “But dad, that’s your only son.)

007 – status – active


I gotta say that these are moral ethical dilemmas for our time. God! License to kill! Yes, there is so much to ponder. We, as physicians, have been accused of playing “god.” And, indeed, there was a time before I began my career. when we all (some) believed that to be true. I grew up in the Viet Nam war era. I have seen god play doctor. I have seen colleagues “execute” patients – in the name of mercy, or not. I have experienced (not proudly) the battlefield mentality that overtakes an embattled intern on-call in his 23rd hour in a busy inner city ER.

I agree. Yes, I’m being obtuse. Which? Which which?

But which? For the right to decide? Who? It’s personal. For every righteous decision, there are those who would use this mandate poorly. We only need look to our fearless leader.  With nary  a hair out of place (hairspray, lots of it) he refused to wear a mask. Fashion statement? Defiance? Stupidity?

There will always be second guessing on this call to double 0 status. Will we, as a profession, be judicious, given “00” status?

War crime

coronavirus map

If you aren’t doing something… there are governors and our fearless leader who are not. They are not ill and neither are their families. They blithely encourage you to go about your routine business and activities. The facts of the world are indisputable. Facts.




noun: fact; plural noun: facts

  1. a thing that is known or proved to be true





adjective: fake

  1. not genuine; counterfeit.

Fake news? You trust these guys (governors MS/FL, Trump) at your peril. It is akin to war crimes. Nothing less. Trump has said open the country, go to Easter church service. He will soon deny he ever said this. He has not closed the country. His golf courses and hotels are suffering. This is criminal activity in which many more will die who might have been spared.


Fact: people are ill and dying…all over the world… and soon, around you. Maybe it’s time to heed the warning. The shelves aren’t empty for nothing. Corona is fact.

Why – Y?


Really?! I heard there was a run on TP in the grocery. We were there for some veggies. Yup! No, nada, none. Toilet paper and corona are linked? It affects the lungs not the large intestine. I’m mystified. It’s the Democrats too. The right wing Fox media has said that it’s all a hoax and there is no emergency until this afternoon when it became a national emergency. Poor Republicans, shhhh… there’s no TP left at the store. I got. Want some? Or, as the pic indicates, there was a run on TP by short people.