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What else?

The pandemic is over (?). We went to a family event. The cousins have not met in two years – since 2019. I was still reluctant. But… pot luck. What to make? Our oven decided to go south. I did not know what temp I was baking. And the first coconut custard pie was lost to a serious burn. The mushroom strudel fared better. I got raves for the (second) pie. And, the cousins met for the first time in a long time. We have/had all been in touch. But it was an icebreaker to meet in person without masks. … all this on the night of the start of the Ukraine war. Memorable.

Social distance

The first warm sunny day? Yes, we did what everyone else did. We were out and about in the time of corona! Don’t! Nah! It was simply too beautiful to resist temptation. At least we weren’t at the beach or park. We dropped by to check in with the cousins. Andy got a haircut. Kathy did it. He claims he still has one ear. He succumbed to danger. He didn’t like wings. There’s a reason to take doubles. One always has eyes closed. And I don’t ask people to pose often. I should. It’s a better photo. But then again there’d be nothing if I didn’t ride with a camera around my neck. Ummmm? Do they distance inside too?

The only girl

1730 17 david julia eric andrew bryant

Jules was born and there were no boys in her generation on my side of the family. After that there were no more girls. My brothers both had sons to follow. Who was the lucky one? Now it has begun again. No one keeps track. Besides, what can you do? She’s having a girl. And then….


2362 20 Julia David boys Bryant

Another cousin shot, it seems when Bryant moved to California the group shots got much more rare now. We get one now and again, but they are few and far between. Who knew when I took this shot, how infrequent the gatherings would become?

Life Vests

2365 06 Julia Steven Chris pool

I looked at these shots and wondered at how casual we were at the time. Put them in a life jacket and off you go into the pool. I guess it helped that the kids and my brothers were all swimmers. No one ever fell in and obviously no one drowned. But it seems that it was a dumb Dad thing to stack rafts three high and throw a kid in a life vest on top.2365 09 Julia Steven Chris


2366 36 Julia Bryant David

What I have noticed is that we did not frequently get together as cousins. Since much of the family was close it seemed there was nothing compelling when it was only 30 minutes to go to visit. I therefore have few pictures of all the cousins in a group. It was mostly birthdays and Christmas. Kids grow up really fast without pictures.