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Yard sale

Kitchen renovation: everything goes into boxes and needs to come out again. A lot of “stuff” has to go. It cannot go back into the cabinets. And, for goodness sake, if you haven’t used it in years, you haven’t looked for it, and you did not know you had it…. Odds and ends, where did this stuff come from? Colleen brought it from WV and I brought my share from NY. And, then we got more “stuff” we did not know we needed; and we did not need it. Got it?!

Ha ha. We got boxes and boxes of stuff going to the thrift store or to other deserving family members. It’s a work in progress. In this case good photography is only good to document how much “stuff” snuck into our house. Unfortunately, our counters are not destined to be clear.



We have Jane. Actually, there are a couple in the family now. But this Jane has laudable though interesting thinking. I’ve been to her house many times now. She doesn’t have a single dish that matches another. She has good dishes. You never use the “good” dishes every day. So, we got her a set of plain white – service for eight. It’s not like we spent much at the thrift store. Serviceable and actually quite attractive. They matched! She got home, unpacked them, and promptly donated a set of four to the goodwill near her. ?? So, others would benefit, too. Ok!?!? But then she told us her bridge club was coming. She runs two tables. That would be eight people. So, I guess they will eat and wash and eat. Oh, she was going to make gazpacho when she was here. They are getting the soup. I got bupkus again. Laugh! I am. Gotta love her.