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Feather has talent. She’s done it since she was a wee kitten. – open doors. She can jump and pull the handle down. Next door the lawn service came. The cats do not like the sound of the mower. Feather and Nutley headed straight for the door and opened it tout suite! Yeah, talent. Willpower!

Hot Peppers, Albuquerque

In my recent quest for employment, I have had to travel. Albuquerque was one stop along the trail. In the old town was a colorful graphic. Doors are one of the themes I have shot over the years. This one was quintessential southwest for me.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lisa and I were stopped over on a cruise. Wandering the streets of San Juan, we passed this street of colorful pastels. The light at the end of the street emphasized the depth. And then magically, this man walked into the scene to complete the final element. Classic.

Door, Maine

This door shot is a strong graphic in color and form. From the edge of the frame it is a storefront somewhere in Maine. Portland maybe. Something about the contrast in strong color and the weathered door appealed to me. In an earlier time I would have taken a picture of the storefront. But here the focus is on the detail and that’s what made this a strong image. Even though the whole store is not seen, it’s the door that makes the shot. Showing the whole store, this would have been just another snapshot.