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Durban Dancing Shrimp


Okay! It’s actually spelled out – not – ok. This was the first of what I call Durban dancing shrimp. Yes, yes, out of order. Hey, it’s my blog and you may read backward now if you wish. It was under a rock and hiding with its protector urchin hovering over it. And though my dive buddy pointed it out, I could not for love or money get a shot. His Go Pro was not going to get anything. His camera was out of commission. So my mission (tra la) was to get something. The shadow of the rock did not allow me to aim the camera and get the light in. SOL – shit outta luck. Or: some other lifetime… So how in the world are you looking at anything. I’m not making this up? Oh, see the striated legs are purple. And the spots are not three dimensional like the other post with eggs. Same, similar, alike, male vs female. Who knows? I told you I have this book. And when I ask questions I get blank stares. Me, I’m just happy I got a shot.


Oh! So how we did it…. My buddy shined his light into the hole from behind. It shone over the shrimp and I got a shot. His light was daylight balanced. There were a lot of stars that aligned for me to be able to show you this image. Did I say it’s hard to do? It’s the challenge. It’s why you keep coming back. Mother Nature always pitches you curves.It’s tiny. You could barely see it until the post processing. Thank you Canon camera for making a great lens and sensor.

Seasons – Durban Dancing Shrimp


My reference book of pictures is not complete nor accurate. The best I can make out is that these are Durban dancing shrimp. They hang with urchins. Why? Protection. And for sure, it you touch the spiny urchin you will be hurt. It’s needles are so sharp they will easily penetrate a wet suit or gloves. Did I ever tell you to touch nothing under the sea?!! I may be seeing things but there are tiny round things all over the outside. Eggs? This is a shot I am lucky to have. Just plain lucky. The camera and flash are not parfocal. In a hole that mean my light is pretty useless. I managed to pull out this detail from my image. But it was not easy. Then again, it’s a very interesting image too. It’s the first time I’ve seen this shrimp. There are seasons. A month or so ago it was hermit crab time. And the stone fishes were gone for a while. Now I begin to understand the rhythm of things.


Mating has its season too. Maybe they are eggs. It’s surely an unusual place to carry them. The urchin protects. It was pretty bold sitting there among the sharp spines.