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Wander thru my mind

No! No Freud today! It’s merely an exercise and lament. When I’m dead, someone looking thru the image catalog will have no reference to time and place. I have a database that will inform. Sure. But, I look at a series and piece together my past memory. The waterfall? I haven’t a clue to what or where. But the adjacent images on the same day, tell a story. I was in Amish country. Someone told me an eagle had nested among the powerlines. There was an image in an Amish market. The African daisy was on sale outside the door. I got some. And the clincher was an Amish farmer plowing the field. For me, in my mind, an image is the trigger for memory. By itself the image might mean nothing to the viewer. To me? it is the anchor to a memory of the day. It’s not photographic memory in one’s sense of genius and it is, most definitely, in my own mind. Convoluted? The brain is like that.

Birds of prey


We were riding bikes in St Michaels. It was a bike path of about one mile in length. Don’t laugh. I know. It was ridiculously short. We ended up in a new development by the water. I saw motion in my peripheral vision and focused on a pine tree a few hundred yards away. These darned point and shoot digital cameras have surprisingly good lenses. That’s an eagle.


Next, we have juvenile ospreys. The State built roost on wooden platforms mounted to poles in the marshes near the side of the road on US 1. Pairs of nesting ospreys have populated these sites. This year was a banner crop with nearly every site in use. The birds don’t mind much if I stop and shoot. I missed mama coming home to feed the little ones. My patient companion was still patient when we drove off. I try not to overstay my welcome.