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Fan Coral

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I’ve posted this before. Amr, a senior photographer and dive buddy shot/made a poster of it.  It hung as an admonishment at the dive center. The Saudis are pigs. Ha, they don’t eat pork. Pig is a relative term I suppose. Someone (maybe not Saudi) destroyed this coral. They knocked it over. It looked like “shit” after it was destroyed. It was out about 15 minutes from the pier at 65 feet. It was beautiful and gorgeous once upon a time. Then someone came along and messed it up forever and for everyone else to come. Bastards!

Fan Coral

IMG_3565 copyWith all the coral in the deep blue sea, I don’t run across fan coral often. Though I’m still working on my technique, I can recognize a good photo opportunity. I’m glad no one else came along to tear off a piece. This coral is in a well-trafficked area at one of the resorts. Hopefully, the other divers will continue to respect its beauty.