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Fortune Cookie


It reminds me of… This was serendipity. As in, I was trying to get something and this is what happened when I closed my eyes and pressed the shutter. All of the sudden my skills went south. I was having trouble focusing. It happens. I got anxious. Imagine? It’s just me. What’s to be anxious about? Anyway, for a while I could not focus on any of the giant clams. Maybe they were having a laugh on me? But then, I did come away with some good shots. I’m used to most shots being pretty good. Nope. I had a lot of out of focus shots. But whoa! Look at this! It’s striking. Painterly. I am proud of this shot. And you would never get me to admit that this was completely fortuitous. I just closed my eyes, pressed the shutter, and hoped for the best. Yup, uh huh.

Pretty Nice

IMG_4947 You might think it’s easy. But, it is not easy to find the same spot every time you dive. There are some landmarks. But largely I do not find the same things twice in a row. In this instance I found the same giant clam two days in a row. And while editing my images I was still struck by its beauty and color. At least I am consistent. If you would ask me to return it would be an even bet that I will not remember the location and will not find it again. Yes, this is not the same clam. Close but no cigar.IMG_4953

Giant Clam


Gorgeous. There are some things you run across with such rich color and texture and… Giant clams are pretty plentiful. The other day I saw one mating. How? Well they discharge the genetic material into the sea. It looks like a cloud. On the image it looks like dirt fogging the picture. So it does not amount to an image. And mostly they clam up when I approach. Ha, yes, humor, sometimes you gotta laugh. But some of the big guys don’t close all the way. And others just let you shoot. I have not heard if they are good to eat. But personally I avoid blue food. How giant? About a hand spread – hmmm maybe more – say 12 inches wide.

Have you wondered how the images are so sharp and color so brilliant? Good. Even with the water there, the image is better with careful white balance and being very close to your subject.

Giant Clams

IMG_3127 copyWell, they’re not quite the Jules Verne size that will eat you. But they are more than two hands wide. I’m used to opening the shell completely but that’s not the case. They open this wide and have a mouth to feed. What’s interesting is that they come in so many colors.

IMG_3285 copy

You usually don’t see two together. I’m partial to the blue ones.

IMG_3326 copy

Depending on the age, some look worse for wear.

IMG_3351 copy

And they get embedded/surrounded by coral so it’s hard to see how there’s room to move.