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Sometimes I think Colleen and I have a lot of time to catch up. That is to say – what would have had happened if we had been together fifty years? Shopping? Oh boy! The candy store is now, an antique store. We don’t buy candy. But… in an antique store Santa and Xmas is fair game. Gifts – the nativity went to a cousin. Snow globe – for Noa’s pleasure. The stone tablet, now painted – was ballast for ships coming to New Orleans. We scored a German pyramid ornament. Rare indeed to see; we have two now. Oh boy! Santa? Yes, Colleen decided to collect ones she liked. Oh boy! It means that they all don’t come home with us. The beneficiaries? My cats love siting scrunched up in boxes and baskets that we get. Yeah, yeah, I cannot blame Colleen alone; I have been guilty of a purchase or two. How about a light up Mexican style kitchen scene?


This is a goofy family pic of the three brothers. There are few enough – pictures. It was a coincidental habit to buy each other the same Xmas presents. Brilliant minds think alike? This was the year of the (trench) coat. It turns out that each of us got a coat. Brilliant? This was not random. We repeated with other gifts in other years nearly a perfect record for many years. I wish we had had a “Mercedes year.” Alas, no. But, today, one more birthday. Happy! This one is unforgettable. Eric was born on the last day of school when I was in the third grade. Third grade was memorable for other reasons too. It was the year I met Colleen for the first time. Yes, (as Frank Sinatra sang), it was a very good year.