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I listen

At times, it is very noisy in the operating room. I have become accustomed to getting into the “zone.” Nothing distracts me as everything else fades into the background. At home, it works until Colleen says, “Did you hear what I just said?!!” I have also become adept at repeating the last ten or so words of the conversation. The words are in RAM – random access memory – and can be recalled on demand. (Shhh… they have never ( present and former wives) quite figured out my trick. Of course, any more detailed questions and I am caught “out.”

Resolved: “Do you want to know my (Colleen’s) new year resolution?” Oh boy! I don’t, but (she)… It is to acquire less stuff in 2022. Oh boy! That’s worth listening to. She wants to move to Maine. That’s off the table? … joy! It was the year of the gnome last year. Soon after these pictures were taken, we got one, Cat? Nice cat masks. I need another (cat)… please. No!! Aside: the present wife is just fine. Fine! Very!!

It changes in an instant: Plan B

Minute by minute, plans change. ??? The Christmas virus! Who had it? Who got it? Covid! Omcron! Damn! Jess’s household had a run of the Christmas flu. It was a family secret, not so secret. We knew but ignored it until… we could not. Not going, going, ah!!! Christmas plans dashed. We got Part I; but Part II???!!! Oh my! There were tears! Crocodile tears!! Unhappy wife. 😦 By the end of the day we had a new plan; after several more revisions. There is a Plan B. Who knows? Will we make it? We’re gonna try. The windows in the house were done (secret!) with Jolly Ranchers. (Lisa was so proud of her ingenuity.) I have never seen nor eaten one (jolly rancher). And, I am signed up to do a lot of driving. I feel like Santa on his delivery. Hey! We are (delivering)! By the end of this post – happy wife – happy marriage. Pfewf!

Gingerbread Houses

Professional? Yeah. It’s not hard to tell the difference. But when kids make ‘em it’s a unique experience with loud squeals and a whole lot of sugar icing all over the place. You can do a “kit.” It goes together fast and looks great. But it’s not the same as individual personal construction. Icing dries slowly and I don’t have patience.

So I used a foam board construction underneath and built the thing one two three. (That would be – construct a foam board house underneath all the ginger bread walls.) Licorice sticks hide a multitude of sin. Of course, I am not responsible for the decoration. There is a time when too many cooks… There is only one rule: no blanks space should be devoid of confection.

Gingerbread House

1924 19 Julia Lisa gingerbread copyThis tradition ended pretty fast. For a while, every year Lisa would assemble a gingerbread house. It took her a few tries to work out construction issues. She wanted it all natural without any non-edible support. Believe me when I say that there were issues. When the kids were old enough they were the decorators. We’d have all manner of candy to apply. Though some people preserve the house and display it year after year, we ate ours in gleeful destruction. Then Lisa decided it was too much to do every year and we stopped.1924 20 Lisa David gingerbread copy

1923 35 Julia David cookies copy