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Gold spotted flatworm. There is a front end. And they fly. Why not? Mostly they move very slowly. But on this occasion it was flying. I missed my chance once before. This time I followed it. And after a lot of trying, I got a couple shots. It’s not perfect which is why you come back. Life is about trying and trying. Hey! I got something. It’s not perfect. I keep trying. It’s what gets me back in the water.

img_5610The spots? See? They are raised bumps. It does move purposefully in the water. It undulates. It was flying when I noticed it. I did not play with the wildlife this time. I did wave my hand a bit to keep it elevated while I got my shots.

Head Shot


See? Here’s an example. I thought of this post based on the shot I knew would be on my memory card when I got home. It ain’t perfect. Like my English. ..and my grammar. Miss Digman (seventh grade – sentence diagramming) would be all over me. Subject verb tense, oh my! And don’t forget the commas. Maybe I should’a been a poet. No rules. No capital letters….

Golden spotted flatworm. The name, silly. Apropos. I never knew that there was a front – and back. And you know ‘cause I have posted about this in this very blog, somewhere in the distant past. If you don’t remember, do not fret. It’s Alzheimer’s! Tra la! Anyway, it would not be a story unless I digress… Night dive, pointed to it courtesy of my buddy. I did the requisite catalog shot. Then I got another low angle creative, why am I here?, shot. Yes! The spots are even raised. The downside? The depth of field is so shallow that everything is not in focus. Usually there are eyes. None here.

Head shot? Lots of connotations. Kill shot for an assassin. Glamour shot for an aspiring actress. Getting the front end of golden spotted flatworm? At night?! Priceless!



It’s a gold spotted flatworm. Names aside, it is a black flat thing with golden spots. The name – duh! I have never seen it move. Any time I ever encountered it was a black leaflike thing that just was a curiosity and a few images. It’s got a head! Well at least there are horns.


And it flies! Imagine that! The dive was going along and I was seeking things to image. If I say shoot, people think I’m using a gun. Yes, I got that question once. An elusive trunkfish was swimming away under a coral and as I gave pursuit, there in front of my eyes… a flying gold spotted flatworm. No! They don’t fly. Right. It’s not possible. Read: Disbelief! Yes, I love finding unexpected things.


The first time someone pointed this worm out I thought it was just some black debris on the ocean floor. I image everything and discovered it was a creature later. They don’t fly! But, to my utter amazement this guy was undulating in open water and headed for the coral to land. Yes! I got pictures. Great! I called over my dive buddy and he got a spectacular shot. Yes! I’m embarrassed. He shot a couple images and got a true Nat Geo image. No, you don’t get to see it. It’s his image and this is my blog.


But the image was exposed perfectly and showed my camera lens aimed at the flatworm from the opposite angle. Phenomenal! I thought I had a good shot but his was a learning experience for me. So, now I’m experimenting with technique and getting better. New and improved.

Golden Spotted Flat Worm


You have two of them. See the background. No, I did not disturb the wild life. The pair were separated about a foot apart. Maybe they were seeking to mate. Who knows? I don’t see them too frequently so each time I take the shot. One can get jaded. But I assure you that seeing this small thing, about the size of your fingernail, is no easy feat.

IMG_7886You know this is a worm? Why am I so excited to talk about a worm?