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Art – couple

Restaurant. I was just sitting looking across and this couple was in my view. The light was stark, the wall monotone, and the scene conjured up some museum painting. I was struck by similar facial features that recall to mind how people grow old and look more and more alike. Yes, you know all the psych related to that… I just liked the graphic opportunity, as in, image.



Cactus is not much interest for me to photograph. This looks architectural. What a difference. This got my attention.

African Daisy

For a while I was an enthusiastic roof top container gardener. Ever on the lookout for something more exotic than petunias, and impatiens, I found African daisies in the garden shop. I nurtured them and photographed them all summer. I had to check because there are variations of this daisy. Yep, there’s an example on the internet. And, everything on the internet is true, right? I love the delicate central flower detail. I couldn’t find this plant every year so this was special.

Gas Pump

Gas pump, somewhere on the backroads of Maine. I believe this shot was taken near to the Sunday River ski area. I was just driving along and noticed the strong graphic and colors. It helps that the lighting was also right. It’s an example of thinking in color. Here’s where the colors play off nicely and where a black and white image might not be so graphic. It’s been a while since I thought in BxW, but I keep meaning to try again.

Door, Maine

This door shot is a strong graphic in color and form. From the edge of the frame it is a storefront somewhere in Maine. Portland maybe. Something about the contrast in strong color and the weathered door appealed to me. In an earlier time I would have taken a picture of the storefront. But here the focus is on the detail and that’s what made this a strong image. Even though the whole store is not seen, it’s the door that makes the shot. Showing the whole store, this would have been just another snapshot.