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There are family stories. Legends. I have told this story over and over. … and over. I must be old! The kids roll their eyes. My wife, (present and former), averts her eyes. Laugh! But, the story is illustrated. My favorite daughter hated grass. It was an entirely new sensation for a “city kid.” Yuck! No grass! It felt funny to toddler feet. I placed her on the shuffleboard court. She never strayed onto the grass. Yuck! Ha ha! Instant baby sitter! An invisible fence. She never crossed the border. No grass! No grass shall touch those feet. Yup, I had to carry her off to civilization later.

Cow Cats

I plant tall ornamental grass in containers. The cats think it’s just for them. They eat it. I guess they need roughage. Chomp! They can’t seem to get enough. I’ve got newly mown grass. Ha! They won’t eat the chives. There is catnip. Nope. It’s the tall grass or nothin’

Red grass, green grass, no matter. They make me laugh. I shall depend upon something else to be the focal point in my containers. I’m so pleased they like my garden.

Red Grass


I’m just speed reading my image collection and stopped here. It’s not a great shot. It just evokes the memory of a hot sunny summer day with a bit of breeze. I got a lot of these days in my memory. And then, perhaps, not enough… It’s nice to be reminded.