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Washing up


Ha ha. Did you think it would be more wool washing?

Cats don’t bathe. Ha! I got two that break into the shower after I’m done. They literally push the sliding door open and wallow and drink the drips from the showerhead. Otherwise I don’t catch much grooming going on. I like to watch behaviors. The sisters groom one another. I don’t see much else going on with the other cats. They all look clean and tidy. Whatever!

Hairy cats

Mine are long haired and presumably Maine coon. Spice on the left is full of tangles. She’s not good at grooming. I have to cut away the tangles periodically. She hates me for it. Feather got an allergy. We don’t know the source. She gradually lost all the hair on her belly. The vet gave us steroids. They work. I don’t want her steroid dependent. Ha! But I gave up and started on the drugs again. Her belly looks so much better now. I’ll let Feather heal up and then we’ll see whether we continue. I suppose I shouldn’t treat my own cat. But, hey! It was $80 for the first visit to tell me we don’t know what and it’s an unknown allergen. The pills were less than $10 when I wrote the prescription. Does it qualify as treating your own family?