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Long Game


If you scuba dive long enough you can get shots like this. The coral hind and wrasse are in a symbiotic dance. The wrasse cleans the bigger fish. The hind is in the grouper family and is very shy. I suppose if you were fire engine red in color, you might not want to draw attention. So occasionally, very occasionally, I get a shot. The ordinary shot is of the tail end as he swims away. And if you are patient and you wait, then sometimes he is pointed straight at you. And if you catch him when he’s getting cleaned by a wrasse, then you have the shot you want. So I am not in a hurry. Patience. Readiness. And my time came. Easy? No! But I was there at the right moment. A lot of things have to align, but then you would not appreciate it unless you tried and failed. I have, and so, believe me when I say that it’s not hard for me anymore. But it’s still not easy. Special! Definitely!



This guy was kind enough to confront me. Most of the time they swim away. And I am very good at getting a good bye shot. But if you swim enough dives, once in a while a grouper will turn on you. Then you take your shot. I have come to appreciate how rare that is. What I wonder is about the other heavy duty photographers. They are rarely chasing down fish on the move. It seems that a fast moving subject is not any fun. Well there were the barracuda.. but mostly they stick to the non moving subjects. I still like to swim around and chase. Of course a little chasing around keeps you warm too.


Fish Supper


This is different. All the diving I have done rarely affords me the opportunity to see one fish eat another. This grouper had more than a mouthful and was determined to swallow its prey. There are other shots of fish with pieces bitten away. And somewhere I have a shot of a fish missing part of its head. Ordinarily this type of grouper is shy and swims away as soon as it sees me. Not today, this guy was awkwardly swimming but could not escape the camera. Maybe it was worried I wanted a bite. Either way I got a few shots and the grouper got supper.