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It’s BBQ time

Most of my posts are un-timed. Untimely? That is to say: there is no specific time frame involved. However, sometimes it makes sense to post immediately. This one involves the recent Memorial Day weekend. It’s the first grilled dog of the summer. It’s the first BBQ. I was just a bit early by a few days. Meanwhile, it’s always different. …except for the hot dog. There was a list of brands recommended by the NY Times. Ummm? A dog is … basically a dog. It’s the condiments and the char – coaled flavor that overwhelms. I’ve had them all… and it only really matters that they are beef. And this year the emphasis is on vegetables. You have limited options if you are cooking gluten free, corn free, and, vegetarian. Yeah, there are sausages on the grill. But that is because I have no restriction. It grilled up good on a perfect spring evening as the sun was gently setting. Good? You bet! And today? It’s cloudy and misty and foggy and a no good very bad day. So, this post makes me smile. Maybe tomorrow we grill again?!

Hot Dog


This hot dog vendor is stationed in New Orleans. One thing that I can say about Saudi Arabia, it’s hard to come by a good ‘dog. The grocery sells something they call a hot dog. Even I haven’t been that hungry yet. They are an odd shape and color. And they come frozen. “Subway” (the sandwich place) sells them. They are split and put on a sandwich roll covered with cheese to which they then add all the condiments and vegetables. The kids eat them …ugh. In Maine they liked their hot dogs a bright unnaturally dyed red color…definitely bad for you. The thing is that I doubt that I will make it my business to get a ‘dog when I visit home soon.



The one and original Nathan’s of Coney Island. This is the hot dog place that the name brand comes from. Perhaps Nathan’s hot dogs aren’t sold everywhere? And this is the place for the annual July 4th hot dog eating contest. I haven’t had a hot dog in 6 months now. I don’t remember what it takes to win the contest but it’s something like eat 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes… with buns… and water if you wish. I like dogs but I know I would throw up after/before 10. And it was always a skinny Japanese kid who would win… not lately. But who’d have figured a little Japanese kid? Otherwise the joint is nothing compared to the slick fast food Nathan’s they set up in the local malls.