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Fight on

_DSC2089a copy

Look what I can do. Ha! It’s pretty simple – for me. I do have some skill beyond iPhone. Meanwhile, we were still exploring the abbey. Meanwhile, have you thought of why the castle stairs wind upwards in a clockwise direction? See the right arm? Fighting downhill you are holding a sword in your right hand. And an invader is holding it in his left hand fighting upward. Advantage to the defender. Good!!

Rainy daze

What to do on a cold rainy day in Scotland? Well, it was peekaboo rain, one minute wet, the next rainy, but, all the time cold. How cold? Don’t sit on the cold rock, cold. Goofing around we shot and I edited. There was time to kill. The ferry was not due back for a while. So, we had ample time to explore. Meanwhile, we had to hide out from the rain. Cameras and rain are not buddies.