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I commented in another post once, that I had worked for a madman. It seems that I have had a way of being close to history. I was shocked to read about my former boss in the NYT. It details how he is incarcerated by the Saudi crown prince for crimes unspecified. I don’t quite see the point of the article. One could speculate along many lines of thought. Walid was a wealthy man. For that there is a common thread. Follow the money. Walid had some cock-eyed beliefs, some good, some questionable. For that he could certainly draw scrutiny and criticism. It’s a small world. If not for the fact that I worked there and knew the man, I would not have given the article another thought.

The “message from God” came to me when they tried to blow up the American embassy in Jeddah within an hour after I passed by at 3am one night in 2016. I was on a plane home shortly after. Never be the last one to leave the party. And, believe in the omen presented to you. I am/was not high enough on the food chain, but “the nail that sticks up, gets hammered.”

IMC, The Tour

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I took Julia on a tour of the hospital. Ordinarily, it’s not a big deal to show your daughter where you work. I did a lot of ‘take your daughter to work’ days with her. But the architecture is pretty stunning. So once again I got this fortuitous shot of her LCD as she lined up her shot. One thing that they do a lot is to make elaborate displays for new babies. The balloons are draped around the doorframes. Here’s what you see before it’s installed.IMG_9869 copy