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We were at the vet and Colleen lamented that Nutley looked depressed and lethargic after Ray’s sudden death. How about another kitty to stimulate Nutley? The vet agreed and suggested to tryout some kittens her tech was fostering. Vetted kittens – a pun!

Dodge (he was found in the engine well of a …), Jack, and Walter came to visit. Nutley climbed on the dresser, hissed, and was having nothing to do with tryouts. He was spooked by sudden introduction of new kittens. Cute! Yes, they were! Failed!? Another brilliant idea gone south. It’s like love at first sight. Either it is or it isn’t. But you cannot make things happen because you wish it to happen. Alas. Cute! Almost? No, we were not about to have ten cats!

Kitten Kittens

I ran across the kitten pictures. They were small enough to fit together into a small bathroom sink. Cute! Yes, they were. And they grew up and barely fit singly into that sink. Cute, innocent, curious, they had not yet shown their character but they were sure to become characters. About the best you hope is that they look when you call their names. They do. Cute? You bet! I like them when they are kittens. It’s why I’m forbidden to go to the pet food store. There’s always a hard luck rescue cat appealing to me.


Kittens play. The old cats don’t romp as much. I like kittens. Ooooo! Careful. I’ll end up with more kittens before long.

Nutley & Ray


For now – they still fit in the bathroom sink… You will laugh and shake your head. We adopted twins – cats. Seven, count ‘em. Three sets of twins and Elle. Ok, now you can laugh. When you have five, seven is not a strange leap. This was an identical situation. We entered the pet store to buy food. And this pair grabbed me and held fast. They had different names. Ray was named because the cousin who will feed when we are gone is named Ray. We call him Mike (the cousin) so that’s ok. No confusion there. But we figured Mike would be less put out by feeding seven while we were away. Nibbles actively bit at you when you held him. He was soon called Nutley ‘cause he’s crazy nuts. It fits. They have been about as well received among the older cats as could be expected. Ray brought a cold home from the pet store. Each and every cat has suffered serially since then. They are all on the mend. Still, it’s no fun to take the full brunt of a sneeze while you are holding a cat. Yup, runny drippy noses. Hey, they don’t use Kleenex.


Good Morning


I can’t leave well enough alone. Most people who know me would agree. It’s my fate. I tempt it. We had a good environment with three nutty kitties. Characters, one and all, they and I – me and them, we had an understanding… But we go into the pet store to buy food… And right there were a pair of sisters waiting to be adopted – rescue kitties. Too cute! Darn! They got me. The one on the right hopped right up and put her paw through the cage and patted me. Yup! Let me out! Her or me? First day, first morning, they were sleeping atop one another in the sink. It wasn’t hard. I put a towel down inside. Welcome to the world. Now… to see if the others get along and welcome them?