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Not (PC)! – There was the old joke about Polish people and changing light bulbs. You can’t do that humor. It could incur objection from all sides…. So, how does a Chinese (former) neurosurgeon get to a light fixture 16 feet above his head? (No, retired not dead.) Answer: Two seven foot (P)oles?

I do not own a cherry picker. And if I did, I could not get it into my house. How the #@#$! do you get up 16 feet to change a can light bulb? My spiffy 50, 000 hour LED blew fssst! after about 3 months. Colleen heard it sizzle just before it died. I nearly fell off the ladder the last time around. They make grabbers about 3 foot long. Bulb changer? They sell it at Home Depot. It won’t grab that bulb inside the fixture. Some more cursing #@$#%!!! please. Who the “f” planned this? Internet – they sell a 12 foot grabber. Really?! Damn!! It was not many $. The grabber unscrewed the bulb. The changer (yellow) got the new bulb screwed in. 50, 000 hours. It will be a long time till I change another bulb. Ha ha. It took five minutes with the right tools at hand. The internet? Rent a cherry picker. Build a scaffold.


I have two light fixtures casting feeble light onto the main room from about 16 feet above. Not my idea, it was the design of the retard architect who thought up this idiocy. (There were ample other examples in other places.) The room is a north facing room and so is in shadow most of the day. We need some light. I put in plenty of floor lamps and even a track light on my newly constructed bookcase. But those bulbs…. And then I read up on the new LED’s. Brilliant! I got a pair of 2500 lumen LED bulbs. Bright! And low wattage! What could go wrong. I could not get the bulbs in or out. They don’t make 16 foot ladders. Whatever! We got the bulbs in. it was not easy. I say again, not easy!! I tumbled from the ladder once. Only pride was injured. It scared the hell out of Colleen. Of course! The end result, (it was a long story), we got light. it’s better. Less worse. Yay! And LED’s, they will last for years and years – good, ‘cause by the next go around I will have misplaced the light bulb changer.

Square peg round hole

Change a light bulb with the following tools:

I have a pair of lights at the top of a 16 foot ceiling. I don’t know the exact height. I can’t reach with a ladder 8-10 foot, or a light bulb (yellow) changer, 11 foot, or a (silver) reacher, 8 foot. Ah! Take a ten foot ladder and add… There’s more. The bulb is a CFL twisted glass thing. The ingenious devils put inside a CFL cover. I was totally fooled. The cover can be removed easily enough (suction cup). Then you have to unscrew the CFL bulb. There’s only the 8 foot grabber for that task. Okay! But the (regular, typical round) bulb replacement needs the grabber too. The suction on the 11 foot bulb changer doesn’t fit to the new (round) bulb. And so on and so on…. I got the darned bulbs changed. By now you are laughing at how complicated it is for me to change a light bulb.



We have been battling dim lights. Ha ha. It’s not age so much as improvement in LED lighting technology (and cost). I’ve had a whole new education in light bulbs. Watts is the old standard. But, now it matters about lumens. And all lumens are not the same. Really!? The light bulb companies state what they have and you discover that all lumens are not equally bright. (Duh?!) For the first time I am seeing 3000K and 5000K (on the box) and the talk about yellow, blue, and white light. The color of light? It’s photography 101. And there are bulbs you can get that will light a stadium. And the watts are low, so, you can install one in your house and not blow a fuse or raise the electric bill. TMI. I got a fixture sitting 18 ft up in the ceiling. I got an 8 foot ladder. Oh my!! (Shit!) The overexposure in the image is intentional. That’s a bright light!